Where to Find All The Jigsaw Pieces in Cooling Springs

In Astro’s Playroom, there are dozens of collectibles for players to find throughout the five main areas, including Cooling Springs.

Every new PlayStation 5 console came with a copy of Astro’s Playroom, a 3D platformer featuring the return of Astro Bot. The game is a sequel to Astro Bot Rescue Mission and serves as the tutorial for the new DualSense PlayStation 5 controllers. As Astro Bot punches, spins, jumps, and hovers, the haptic feedback of the new controller provides realistic vibrations and sensations to further immerse the player in their surroundings. Players will navigate Astro Bot through five worlds with different levels and collect coins, puzzle pieces, and artifacts. They will play traditional platforming as well as try some next-gen powerup platforming that makes use of the DualSense controller’s capabilities.

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There are four puzzle pieces players can find at every level of Astro’s Playroom. These are computer-chip-themed jigsaw puzzle pieces that fit together to make up various missing parts of murals in the PlayStation Labo world. Some of these are located out in the open, while others can only be found by navigating to hidden areas within each level. There are also 28 of these to be found in the gatcha machine to the north of the PlayStation Labo world. Once players find all the puzzle pieces, they will earn the A Grand Tour Trophy. They will also earn Trophies for gathering all the collectibles from each major area. Here’s where players can find every puzzle piece in the Cooling Springs levels of Astro’s Playroom.

Where to Find All  Cooling Springs Puzzle Pieces in Astro’s Playroom

Astro Bot uses the frog suit to reach a puzzle piece in the Cooling Springs area of Astro's Playroom

There are 68 puzzle pieces hidden around the five main locations of Astro’s Playroom, with 16 across the four levels of Cooling Springs.

Bot Beach

  • Behind a structural pillar, north of Artifact #1.
  • Inside a wooden crate in the middle of the main beach, across the way from the door with the sandstorm.
  • On the wooden platform across the pier to the right of the main beach area. Pull three exposed wires to reveal the piece.
  • Above the big beach umbrella to the left of the giant fan. Bounce on the umbrellas to reach the piece.

Springy Spa

  • Through the glass window after Astro Bot gets the frog suit.
  • In the upper left corner of the first platform, across from the big red button.
  • Through another glass window to the right after riding the lily pad up.
  • Between pipes while running through the main path of the level.

Frigid Floes

  • On a platform behind the igloo to the left of the start of the level. Break through the back of the igloo to reach it.
  • After the Frigid Floes Checkpoint, under the ice bridge on the right side.
  • Inside the tunnel to the left, on top of two collapsing ice platforms.
  • On the second iceberg before the waterfall. Players will need to jump just before the iceberg reaches it to grab it.

An ice floe travels down a waterfall toward a puzzle piece in the Cooling Springs area of Astro's Playroom

Hotel Hopalot

  • On the platform to the left of the start of the level, just after receiving the frog suit.
  • Hovering above the large platform after riding the lily pad across the smaller beams.
  • At the top of the platforms after smashing through the glass cubes.
  • On a platform to the left of the lily pad, just after finding the two Artifacts.

After gathering all the collectibles in cooling springs, players earn the Cool Hoarder Trophy.

There are also four puzzle pieces in the main hub, CPU Plaza. These are located in the following places:

  • To the left of the seesaw. Go left of Cooling Springs. Travel up the ramp, pull the exposed electrical cable, and climb the structure to reach the seesaw.
  • On the left of the sliding blocks after crossing CPU Plaza by sliding the rope.
  • On the summit of CPU plaza, reached by climbing the sliding blocks all the way to the top.
  • In the bottom-left corner of the room, down the ramp next to GPU Jungle. Pull the three electrical wires to reveal the piece.

Another 28 pieces, found in the gatcha machine on the north side of the PlayStation Labo world, will need to be collected by pulling the machine. Each pull will cost players 100 coins, which they earn from defeating enemies and opening chests during the main campaign.

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Astro’s Playroom is available on PlayStation 5.

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