Schitt’s Creek: 10 Saddest Things About Alexis

Of all of the characters that appear in Schitt’s Creek, Alexis is the one that shows the most remarkable and significant growth. She goes from being a very spoiled and not very self-aware brat to a sophisticated PR person who recognizes just how important her family is to her. It’s quite remarkable, really, and she is one of those characters that grows on the audience as the seasons go on, even if she’s not always consistent.

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Despite her bubbly personality (and some hilarious moments), however, there are some things about her that are really rather sad, adding yet another layer of complexity to this fascinating character.

10 How Hard It Was For Her To Tell Ted She Loved Him

Ted surprises Alexis from the Galapagos Islands in Schitt's Creek Season 6

One of the most important relationships for Alexis was the one that she shared with Ted, the veterinarian. There was instant chemistry between the two of them, but unfortunately it took Alexis a lot longer than it should have for her to recognize that she really did love him in a way that she never had anyone else.

More importantly, it was also rather sad, tragic even, just how long it took her to tell him the truth about her feelings for him.

9 How Much Her Breakup With Mutt Affected Her

As everyone knows, Alexis ended up breaking her engagement with Ted so that she could start dating Mutt, a man who seemed to have the kind of raw, male virility that just wasn’t Ted’s forte. Unfortunately, that relationship didn’t work out so well either.

While this wasn’t really surprising given their personalities, what truly turned out to be more than a little sad was the fact that Alexis was clearly very devastated by her breakup with Mutt, far more than she, or the viewer, expected her to be.

8 That She Was Still In Love With Ted After Their Breakup

Schitt's Creek Alexis and Ted

After Ted and Alexis broke up, things were a bit awkward. After all, how does someone go on being friends with someone who broke off an engagement?

Nevertheless, the two of them did make it work. It seemed nice enough, but the truth was that Alexis realized very soon that she had loved Ted all along, and it was very heartbreaking to see the way in which she had to watch him move on with his life while she was left behind.

7 When She Realized She Needed To Go Out On Her Own Because She Had Never Done Anything On Own

Alexis Rose Schitt's Creek

As part of her growth as a character, Alexis gradually began to realize that she needed to do some things on her own, that she didn’t necessarily need her family to be beside her every step of the way.

Obviously, this is a great move forward in terms of her character development, but it’s still rather bittersweet to see the ways in which she came to realize that they were now close enough that she could finally break out on her own in a meaningful way.

6 Her Final Breakup With Ted

After waiting so long for Ted and Alexis to get back together, audiences would have been forgiven for believing that they would end up staying together for the duration of the show. Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be, because each of them found themselves being pulled in opposite directions. She wanted to move to NYC so that she could pursue her career, and he wanted to stay in the Galapagos to pursue his.

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Though their final breakup was amicable, it was also one of the most heartbreaking and heartwarming scenes in the entire series.

5 How Long It Took Her To Realize She Was Really Close To Her Mother

Moira Alexis And Johnny After The Crows Premiere On Schitts Creek

It becomes pretty clear in the beginning that Alexis and Moira have a rather strained relationship. Perhaps it’s because, superficial as they both are, they are in essence very different.

In fact, Moira seems to go out of her way to pick at Alexis’ flaws and Alexis, for her part, doesn’t really appreciate this (though Moira can also be shockingly perceptive at times). Gradually, however, they come to realize how much the love and mean to one another, and it’s just unfortunate that it took them both so long to realize this important fact.

4 Her Struggle To Realize How Many People Had Only Liked Her Because She Was Rich

One thing that the Roses all share in common is their propensity for making bad friends. It takes all of them, particularly Alexis, quite a while to realize that most of their “friends” are only staying close to them because they are wealthy and because they hope to get something out of their friendship.

For Alexis, this is a particularly devastating realization, and it’s rather wrenching to watch as it slowly dawns on her how meaningless many of her friendships have been.

3 Her Initial Dependence On A Series Of Random Men

At the beginning of the show, Alexis is one of those people who just can’t seem to stand the thought of being alone, which is partly why she keeps bouncing from one relationship to the next. It’s very clear that she thinks that she needs a man in her life in order to feel some phantom sense of completeness.

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While she gradually outgrows this way of thinking and learns that she can be independent, it’s still rather heartbreaking to think about why she thought this way in the first place.

2 Having To Leave Her Family After She Finally Becomes Close To Them

Schitt's Creek the Rose Family

There’s a bit of an irony in the final season of the show, as the family starts to realize that they are going to part ways. What makes it truly sad, however, is that it is exactly at this time that they all begin to realize that they are closer than they have ever been before.

This is particularly true of Alexis, who finally comes to realize just how much her family, especially her mother, has meant to her all of these years. Though she gets a good ending, there’s still much more audiences would have liked to see.

1 How None Of Her Family Believes She’ll Accomplish Anything While She’s Doing It

Schitt's Creek

Even though the family starts to draw closer together as the series progresses, it has to be said that many of them express a lot of doubt about Alexis and her abilities (which is fair, since there’s a lot that even the audience doesn’t know about her).

Even David, who’s closer to her than anyone else, doesn’t always seem to think that she has what it takes to be a success. Given that it soon becomes clear that she’s far smarter than anyone gives her credit for, this is a rather sad fact about Alexis’ life with her family.

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