10 Pieces Of Jabba The Hutt Fan Art Fit For His Palace

Jabba the Hutt is legendary among Star Wars gangsters due to his massive power and influence. Even the Republic knew that they’d have to play on his terms if they wanted to beat the Separatist forces, as depicted in the much-lauded Clone Wars animated series, which is a testament to his far reach.

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This ruthless slug wasn’t above slitting his mother’s throat for a few credits, and fans quickly grew to admire the gangster despite his repugnant appearance. Dedicated—or perhaps indentured—fans love to show their appreciation for this iconic Star Wars character, and here are ten of the coolest works of fan art that Jabba himself would love to get his grubby mitts on.

10 Jabba & Dengar

Alexandr Kozachenko crafted this excellent shot of the deadly bounty hunter Dengar meeting with Jabba the Hutt, presumably to discuss a contract. Salacious Crumb and Bib Fortuna flank him on either side, with the latter possibly feeding him translations or giving him advice.

The detail level in the shot is beautiful, right down to the rusty background of Jabba’s palace and the Gamorrean guard standing watch. Even Jabba’s aquarium full of Klatooine paddy frogs is rendered in excellent detail.

9 Jabba & Boba

Kerem Beyit did this great shot of Jabba engaged in a business dealing with none other than Boba Fett himself. Fett is rendered in excellent detail, right down to the last scuff on his Mandalorian helmet, while Jabba is done up a bit more grotesque that he was in Return of the Jedi.

In the background is a holo of Han Solo, suggesting that Jabba has paid the bounty hunter for his work. However, the presence of a protocol droid that resembles C-3PO might also suggest that this is taking place shortly before Luke Skywalker’s arrival in the movie.

8 Jabba Summed Up

There’s a ton of detail in this particular work, and the floor-level point of view really sells the drama as the “camera” tilts upwards to reveal Jabba on his throne slab. michalivan drenched this particular work in vivid detail, even in the vent shafts to the back of the shot.

Silhouetted guards and fanners are a nice touch, as are the twin Gamorrean guards on the left. Nothing feels disjointed or out of place. In fact, this shot is pure eye candy with so much going on as one passes their gaze from left to right.

7 Jabba & Sy

It’s a bit odd to see Leia missing in this particular shot, especially given that band vocalist Sy Snootles has taken her place. Both she and Jabba are drawn out and detailed well, and the use of spattered colors and texturing is a very nice touch.

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faxtar didn’t quite nail Jabba’s face as much as some other works on this list, but he might have been trying to capture the gangster in his younger days, in which case, it would make sense. Either way, this is worthy of being framed and hung on a wall.

6 Retro Aesthetic

Esteban Maroto did this 1970s-styled shot of Jabba fully engaged in party time, with Leia as his puppet. As he dangles her chains and makes her dance, C-3PO looks on with utter horror. This is quite a different take on Jabba art prints, especially given the tremendous use of golds and hot reds in the palette.

In many ways, it feels like a concept shot, especially given that Jabba’s face doesn’t appear quite correct in comparison to the movie version. That might have been the intention. At any rate, it’s certainly a bombastic and energetic piece of art.

5 Jabba & Leia

Adi Granov attempted to go a little more traditional and closer to the movie representation of Leia and Jabba with this shot. He abandons the use of sickly yellows and mucus greens in favor of wooden browns and chestnuts which give it an earthly temperature.

Jabba is spot on, right down to his reptilian eyeballs, while Leia looks smashing in her slave garb. The clever yet subtle use of desaturated purple in her silk helps draw the eye just enough from the rest of the brown toning.

4 Jabba’s Palace

This is approximately half the width of the full shot done by artist Luca Merli, which you can see here. It depicts Boba Fett delivering Han Solo to the gangster with splendid detail. There’s so much to see, especially in the full-width version that spans out super-widescreen to show so much of his palace interior.

The use of lighting is especially excellent as it pours in through the ceilings and entryways which lead to the dim interior within. All the familiar faces are there, including Oola, who would, unfortunately, meet her fate in the jaws of a vicious Rancor, a creature fans definitely want to see make a comeback in The Mandalorian.

3 Jabba (Original Concept)

Matt Clark decided to try his hand at a much different version of Jabba, the original maquette done by Phil Tippett for Return of the Jedi. This first concept of Jabba is a far cry from the slug-like creature we saw on screen, but it does go to show how amazing the concept process truly is.

Some elements of the creature’s design made it into the final rendition, including the overweight sags and the lumpy wide face. However, the second pair of arms and the legs were axed in favor of a much more alien look. It was a good decision, as the final Jabba is far more menacing in appearance.

2 Jabba & Slave Leia

Here’s another take on Jabba and Leia as his slave girl, this time by artist Joe Jusko. Here, Leia seems utterly defiant as she looks ready and willing to tear those chains straight off of herself and strangle her captor to death with him.

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Jabba is drawn right down to every last detail, including the muck on the sides of his mouth. His leathery appearance is detailed with excellent lighting effects and shading, while Leia shimmers in her slave outfit.

1  Jabba Re-Imagined

Atanu Ghosh participated in a re-imagine contest for Jabba the Hutt and came up with this absolutely spectacular idea that blends heavy steampunk elements with the design we all know and (not) love. Jabba is adorned with a number of steampunk trinkets, while Salacious Crumb pours him a glass of wine.

Meanwhile, Jabba smokes a hookah while enjoying the company of what might be a re-imagined version of Princess Leia in slave garb. The use of green accents and blue temperature is a nice change from traditional works featuring Jabba. This is clearly one of the coolest works out there.

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