10 MCU Characters Who’d Be The First To Die In A Horror Movie

Characters in the MCU come from all walks of life and have different powers and abilities. Which of them would be the first to die in a horror movie?

There are so many characters in the MCU that it’s legitimately hard to keep track of them all. Many of them are superheroes or supervillains that are gifted with exceptional powers and abilities, but there are also quite a few regular people smattered throughout the franchise as well.

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Every character in the universe has their own strengths and weaknesses that often lead to their ultimate failure or success in their battles against good or evil. But which characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are the kind of person or being that would be the first to die in a horror movie?

10 Phil Coulson

Avengers Phil Coulson

Unfortunately for Phil, despite the fact that he is an incredibly capable agent, he also seems like he’d be the first to go in a horror movie.

Not only did he sort of prove this himself by dying so early on in The Avengers, but the fact is, he’s constantly going up against villains that are much more powerful than he is. That’s admirable, but it’s also a recipe for getting killed quick.

9 May Parker

For a regular person, May Parker is pretty cool and capable. But again, in a world full of superpowered aliens and artificially enhanced humans, May doesn’t really stand a chance.

More importantly, Aunt May would never leave her nephew Peter behind, which is what makes her an amazing parental figure but will also lead to her being put into the line of fire very quickly in any horror movie scenario.

8 Groot

Groot Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel

Groot is kind of a quirky and weird part of the MCU, and given that he can regenerate himself, it’s hard to say whether or not he could even die or what would count as death for a giant talking tree.

However, as far as MCU characters go, he’s a fairly easy character to destroy, an exceptionally determined human being with a match and some gasoline could destroy him, so a horror movie villain would have an even easier time of it.

7 Justin Hammer

Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2

In his own mind, Justin Hammer clearly sees himself as some kind of legitimate rival to Tony Stark. The problem is, he’s kind of a bumbling idiot who is outclassed by everyone around him.

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Everything that he seems to attempt winds up failing, typically blowing up in his face, and he’s exactly the kind of dude who arrogantly assumes he can take on a horror villain at the start of the story and then dies five minutes into the movie.

6 Nebula

As far as legitimately badass fighters go, Nebula is pretty high on the list, and to be honest her skill set alone should preclude her from becoming an early victim in a horror film.

However, there’s one problem. Nebula’s desperation to prove herself as a worthy warrior far outweighs her actual skills as a fighter, and that need to show that she actually is powerful and ferocious would likely get her killed.

5 Ned Leeds

Angourie Rice as Betty, Jacob Batalon as Ned and Zendaya as MJ in Spider-Man Far From Home

When it comes to all too human superhero sidekicks, Ned is definitely one of the best. He can pretty impressively hold his own in dangerous situations, and he’s an incredibly loyal friend to Peter Parker.

However, he’s a high school kid trying to make his way through a world that is so far out of his league it’s terrifying. His loyalty and his belief that he can handle tough situations would likely lead him to an early grave in horror.

4 Darcy Lewis

Darcy Lewis makes for great comic relief in Thor, but to be honest, she doesn’t seem like she has a lot of survival skills.

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It seems like she has made it this far in life on dumb luck, and she can hardly hold her own even among the scientists that she works with. Putting her in a genuinely dangerous situation where a killer is after her would probably end with her dying before she even knew what was happening.

3 Mantis

Mantis is clearly a bit more savvy than she lets on, and it’s undeniable that being an empath could help her survive the attacks of a horror movie killer.

But to be honest, she just seems too sweet and innocent to make it far in a horror movie. Given how socially inept she is, it’s plausible that she wouldn’t even realize a killer wanted to kill her until it was already too late.

2 Erik Killmonger

Some MCU characters wouldn’t survive in a horror movie simply because they lack the skills to do so, but others wouldn’t survive because they come in way too hot in any situation. Erik Killmonger is the latter sort of character.

Erik is tough for sure, but he rushes headlong into any fight that comes his way, and he doesn’t compromise. That seems like a recipe for a quick horror movie death.

1 Ultron

Ultron’s inability to survive in a horror movie should be self evident. He was supposed to be one of the greatest threats that the world has ever seen, and he lived for like two days before being quickly and easily dispatched by Scarlet Witch.

His arrogance would probably lead him to confronting a killer immediately, and the killer would just bust his wiring post haste.

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