How To Keep PS5 From Entering Rest Mode (To Save Your Console)

Rest Mode has become a source of all kinds of problems for the PlayStation 5, but it can thankfully be turned off by following a few simple steps.

The PlayStation 5 has released in select countries already, with a November 19th launch for the United Kingdom and rest of the world. However, Sony’s new console is already having a lot of problems, some of which can even brick the system. Many of these issues appear to come from the PS5 console sleeping in Rest Mode. Until a firmware update comes to hopefully resolve this problem, the PlayStation 5’s Rest Mode can thankfully be turned off manually.

Several problems have already been widely reported concerning the PS5, including a storage glitch that can brick the console. Complete data loss and prevalent system crashes have also been reported. Seemingly, many of these issues stem from using the console’s Rest Mode.

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Rest Mode isn’t new to PlayStation consoles, but this marks the first time it’s become such a problematic issue for users. Rest Mode is default on the PS5, but it can thankfully be turned off. There are multiple ways to do this, and none of them are very hard. While disabling Rest Mode may not fix the PS5’s issues completely, it is a safer way to use the console for now.

How To Turn Off Rest Mode On PlayStation 5

how to turn off rest mode ps5 menu

One of the ways to turn off Rest Mode on the PS5 is by going to the PlayStation 5’s Settings menu. From there, go to Power Saving settings, then Rest Mode settings, and then choose “Don’t Put in Rest Mode” to completely turn it off. Another way is to just hold down the power button until the PS5 beeps twice, which indicates Rest Mode has been disabled.

The third way to turn off Rest Mode on the PlayStation 5 is by holding down the PlayStation button on PS5’s new DualSense controller. After navigating to “Power” on the menu, users can choose to turn off Rest Mode from there. All three of these are viable options, and it doesn’t really matter which method users choose – any of these three will manually disable Rest Mode for the time being.

For now, it’s unclear what kinds of updates Sony will be implementing to fix the many issues with the PlayStation 5. Until a firmware update – or some other fix – becomes available, it’s safe to just turn off Rest Mode in hopes of avoiding crashes and a bricked console. While it may not fix all of the PS5’s current issues, it will hopefully avoid the Rest Mode-related problems users have had so far.

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