How Ring’s New Motion Zones Cut Down Doorbell & Camera Notifications

Ring has introduced new Custom Motion Zone settings that will allow users to pinpoint specific areas for their cameras to detect and report motion in.

Amazon-owned Ring has introduced new settings for products like its Ring Video Doorbell and Security Camera that allow users to choose specifically where they want detected motion to trigger alerts. Motion detection is, of course, an important part of modern security systems. But those with pets and other household members have, to date, been subject to unneeded alerts.

In its seven years as a home security and smart home company, Ring has built a name for offering easy-to-use tools to help users keep an eye on their homes while elsewhere. The company was eventually purchased by Amazon, which streamlined the integration process between Ring products and Amazon smart home devices. This latest news from Ring may not be a new product, but it is a sought-after perk.

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The new Customizable Motion Zone settings let users pick the exact areas where they want to know if motion is detected. In a blog post, Ring said the upgrade is completely free through an update of users’ Ring apps. It also noted that the upgrade represents the first major Motion Zone improvement for its products.

How Ring’s Motion Zone Settings Work

Ring’s wireless video doorbells and security cameras already gave users the opportunity to choose from pre-selected zones and adjust the motion sensitivity in each of them. Customizable Motion Zones, though, take things a step further. Users are now able to draw outlines around the only specific areas in which they want to know if motion is detected, such as a front lawn and path but not an adjacent road. Users will get subsequent alerts for the specific zones they’ve chosen, but not for the areas that they haven’t encircled.

Additionally, each device will save videos only when there is motion in the custom zones selected by a user. When the motion stops, Ring says, the extra video after that is trimmed to save space and allow users to see only footage with motion when reviewing their saved videos. Each device will be able to have three different Motion Zones, though once a user switches to Customizable Motion Zones, they will not be able to revert back to Adjustable Motion Zone settings.

It’s an interesting occurrence for a security company to take active steps to allow for less motion detection, but Ring must have had enough feedback from its customers to implement a new setting like this. Ultimately, it will probably be helpful for users to only get alerts for the areas of most importance. For good measure, though, Ring has said users will still be able to set the sensitivity level for their motion sensors or to redraw Motion Zones any time they want.

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