10 Hilarious Memes That Prove Snape Cared For Harry

Severus Snape and Harry Potter had a complicated relationship throughout the entirety of the Harry Potter series. However, it was revealed in the last book and movie of the series that Snape had a much more complex relationship with Harry and his history than anyone could have anticipated.

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This revelation made fans feel incredibly fond of Snape and the sacrifices he made to keep Harry safe, ultimately aiding in the defeat of Lord Voldemort once and for all. After realizing Snape’s dedication to Harry throughout the series, there are definitely some moments that were overlooked in the series that prove Snape’s feelings of care for Harry.

10 Friend Zone

The biggest indicator that Severus Snape cared for Harry Potter was his eternal love for Harry’s mother, Lily. And the strong feelings that Snape felt for Harry’s mother carried on with his feelings towards Harry.

Harry resembled so much of his mother’s personality, as well as her physical appearance. This meme jokes about the fact that Snape risked his whole life to protect Harry, and although he did it for his love, Lily, it became clear that he saw some of Lily in Harry.

9 Death Eater Snape

Severus Snape, although he proved to be against Lord Voldemort at the end of the series, was once a devoted follower. In order to protect Harry, Snape was forced to live two lives, one as a Death Eater and the other as a member of the Order of the Phoenix.

These two separate lives were the two opposing sides of Snape’s personality, and his sacrifice to abandon his Dark Lord proved his dedication and care for Harry.

8 He Was Hard On Harry

Severus Snape demanded a lot from Harry Potter, which made it seem like he was not fond of him or expected more from him than from the others. However, Snape’s harshness towards Harry could have also been due to the fact that he had to suppress his feelings of fondness for him.

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This comical meme shows one of the iconic moments between Snape and Harry, as Snape gave Harry and Ron Weasley a hard time in Potions class, as per usual.

7 I’m Gonna Tell Him

One of the most emotional moments in the Harry Potter series was the moment that Dumbledore confided in Snape the secrets of the Dark Lord’s demise. In this scene, Dumbledore shared with Snape that Harry would ultimately have to sacrifice himself.

Snape’s reaction to this news proved that he did care for Harry on some level, as he was clearly angry with Dumbledore for raising Harry “like a pig for slaughter.” This meme nods to that moment.

6 He Defied His Master

As previously mentioned, Severus Snape was a devoted follower of Lord Voldemort. His strong feelings for Lily Potter, though, made him defy his master by telling Albus Dumbledore of the prophecy he overheard. The prophecy, which announced Harry Potter’s role in Lord Voldemort’s demise, led Snape to rush to protect Lily.

However, as was shown in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Snape wanted to not only protect Lily, but Harry as well, when he said, “Hide them. Hide them all.” This meme shows Snape’s dedication.

5 Your Mother’s Eyes

Although the meme shown here jokes about the difference in the actors who played Harry and Lily Potter’s eye colors in the Harry Potter series, it also shows the incredibly emotional moment of Severus Snape’s last words.

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In the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie, Snape showed how much he loved Harry, providing him with his memories and showing that he saw Lily in him, his last words echoing this: “You have your mother’s eyes.”

4 You Care For The Boy

This meme jokes about Albus Dumbledore’s words when he realized that Snape might have grown to actually care for Harry Potter. This revelation by Dumbledore was seen in the last Harry Potter movie when Dumbledore told Snape that Harry would have to die in order for Voldemort to be stopped.

Snape’s reaction to this was unexpected, as he was genuinely upset by the news. Dumbledore even commented on his reaction, asking Severus if he did, indeed, care for Harry.

3 Teach Potions

The sacrifices that Severus Snape made in order to protect Harry Potter were many, one of the biggest though, was his position as a professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, teaching Potions, no less.

Severus had wanted to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts but was unable to because of Dumbledore’s refusal to give him the job. However, he sacrificed his true desires in life in order to protect Harry, which as this meme points out, included teaching Potions to 11-year-olds.

2 He Helped Harry

Snape could have easily worked as a double agent, feeding Dumbledore information and keeping up his end of their bargain, however, he did so much more.

On more than one occasion, Snape went out of his way to help Harry Potter and his friends, even when they didn’t realize it was what he was doing. This meme nods to the fact that he did help Harry, giving up his life to do so.

1 Harry’s Father

Severus Snape had many reasons to despise Harry’s father, James Potter. Not only was James the man that Lily fell in love with, but James was also Snape’s bully. In this regard, Snape and Harry had more in common than they thought, as they were both subject to bullying at Hogwarts.

While Snape made many snide comments about James, he never told Harry exactly what happened between them, and Harry only found out after a session of Legilimency. Snape let Harry see a good image of his father and took the time to teach him the strength of its magic, which is referenced in this meme.

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