Why An Apple Watch Is The Perfect Holiday Gift For An iPhone Owner

The Apple Watch is a gift that can make an iPhone much more enjoyable, with notifications on the wrist, remote photo trigger, voice control, and more.

Shopping for an Apple iPhone owner is easy if they don’t already own an Apple Watch. It may be the single greatest accessory device to give as a gift, because it works so seamlessly and makes using an iPhone even more enjoyable. It packs a lot in too, bringing notifications to the wrist and containing surprisingly useful gems such as a flashlight, voice input, calculator, and timer in addition to the more well-known fitness tracking and health monitoring features.

Apple, of course, has just launched the exciting new iPhone 12, so even if the recipient didn’t own an iPhone before, there is a chance they have one on the way. For those that may not recognize an iPhone, check if there is an Apple logo on the back or a circular physical button at the bottom of the screen. This is a sure sign that it’s an iPhone. Note that most newer models lack the Home button, though. Instead, it may be easiest to sneak a look at the screen. If an icon that looks like a compass with a blue background is seen, it’s probably an iPhone, since the Safari browser icon is only found on Apple devices. It’s important to find out for certain as the Apple Watch only works with an iPhone. Android and other smartphones are not compatible.

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There are three models of Apple Watch currently available, ranging in price from $199 all the way up to $1249 depending on the model, screen size, finish, and wristband chosen. That means there is an option to fit a wide range of budgets. The top tier Apple Watch is the Series 6, which has a starting price of $399. The Apple Watch SE is a lower cost 2020 model that excludes the electrocardiogram (ECG) app, blood oxygen sensor and always-on display. This mid-range option is otherwise quite similar to the more expensive model, but starts at $279. For those that want or need the extra health sensors, $120 more is worth the cost. If the Apple Watch SE price seems too high, the Apple Watch Series 3 is still available for just $199 and is still a great smartwatch.

Apple Watch Features

There is so much that an Apple Watch can do that a brief description can’t really convey the incredible usefulness for iPhone owners. It’s the sort of gift that will keep surprising and delighting the recipient. Built-in features include using the Apple Watch to trigger the iPhone to take a photo, monitor sleep, track heart rate, and, on the Series 6, even collect ECG data. The Series 6 sends alerts for abnormal heart activity and low blood oxygen levels. The Apple Watch is an excellent fitness tracker too, automatically recognizing type and length of activities and calculating heart rate, recovery rate, calories burned, and more. iPhone notifications appear on the Apple Watch, eliminating the need to take out a phone to check. Phone calls can be placed and received from the watch and the sound quality is quite good. The Apple Watch has a nice flashlight mode, calculator, stopwatch, and timer. All of these features can be found on an iPhone, but are just faster and easier with the watch.

Beyond the many built-in apps, there is an app store for the Apple Watch and many iPhone apps come with Apple Watch versions. With the watch and an app, the wearer can tilt their wrist up to the night sky to identify constellations and planets. Verbal notes can be transcribed and will sync to the iPhone for later use. Reminders and list-making apps, organizing apps, streaming audio, maps and direction apps, and even a third-party Twitter client are available. Also, the Apple Watch has customizable faces. There are many choices of style and color and when not running an app, the screen displays more than just the time. Most every app offers a tiny display version that shows relevant data and provides a shortcut to open the app. These ‘Complications’, as Apple calls them can be set to a preferred location on a watch face style and color that the user chooses. The Apple Watch is a great gift for iPhone owners.

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