Pokémon GO Connectivity With Pokémon HOME Is Now Live

Transferring monsters from Pokémon GO to Pokémon HOME is now available to players of all levels, but the cooldown time is still unacceptable.

The long-awaited update allowing Pokémon GO to connect with Pokémon HOME has finally been made available to all players regardless of their trainer level. Before today, only trainers who were higher trainer levels were able to transfer their Pokémon, but making it available to all players only fixes one of the many flaws that the underwhelming feature has.

Niantic shadow dropped the Pokémon GO compatibility update for HOME on November 11, and players were almost instantly disappointed. The feature was only available to level 40 players at first, and players could only transfer a limited number of Pokémon before they would have to recharge their Pokémon Transporter. This could be done by either waiting for the cooldown timer to expire or by paying money for Pokécoins. The only issue is that only 60 energy recharges per hour, and some Pokémon require 2,000 to 9,000 energy to transfer.

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Thankfully, Pokémon GO announced on Twitter that all trainers, regardless of level, now have the ability to transfer Pokémon to Pokémon HOME. To do so, players will need to go into their settings and scroll to the bottom of the list. Select the option that says Pokémon HOME and sign in to the same Nintendo account that is linked to HOME. Players will need to navigate to this portion of the settings menu anytime they want to transfer Pokémon to HOME.

Some important things to note are that the player won’t be able to send Pokémon from HOME to GO, so they need to make sure the Pokémon they are transferring are ones they don’t need in Pokémon GO. Players can transfer a lot of normal Pokémon at one time, but can only trade between 1 & 4 Shinies or Legendaries per week. Make sure the Pokémon that are being sent are ones that are worth the energy. Energy recharges very slowly, so it can take several weeks, months, or even years to transfer all of a trainer’s valuable Pokémon.

The feature is still abysmal and greedy, but at least it’s available to everyone now. Players who don’t have hundreds of Shinies or Legendaries probably won’t be burdened by the excessive wait time. Trainers with tens of Shinies will only have to wait for a handful of weeks to transfer all of their babies, or they can opt for spending $100 or so to transfer them all in a day. It is what it is, and Niantic likely won’t change its stance on the matter, but trainers can finally transfer their Pokémon GO team to Pokémon HOME.

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Pokémon GO is available on iOS and Android.

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