Justice League Snyder Cut Image Shows Cyborg & Flash Planning Final Battle

Ray Fisher shares a new image from the Snyder Cut of Justice League showing Cyborg and Flash planning for the final battle against Steppenwolf.

The latest image from the Snyder Cut of Justice League shows Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and Flash (Ezra Miller) planning the final battle. HBO Max made a large segment of DC fans and Zack Snyder supporters quite happy earlier this year with the confirmation that the Snyder Cut is coming. Fans campaigned for over two years to see Snyder’s version of Justice League released, and that will now happen as a four-part mini-series heading to HBO Max in 2021.

In the lead up to the three-year anniversary of Justice League‘s theatrical debut, those involved with the Snyder Cut have been dropping more teases of what is to come. Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner has continued to tease details and some potential major surprises to be revealed by Snyder on November 17th. Snyder also recently did an extensive interview about the process of finishing the Snyder Cut and teased plans for the day, which include the launch of a Snyder Cut new trailer.

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Now, Ray Fisher has shared a brand new image from Zack Snyder’s Justice League on Twitter. The photo shows Cyborg and Flash presumably planning for the final battle against Steppenwolf. Cyborg appears to be projecting an image of the Mother Boxes, likely to help explain the Unity and how to prevent Steppenwolf from accomplishing it. The Unity is when all three Mother Boxes are combined and become capable of destroying worlds. Check out the new Justice League image, below:

Justice League‘s final battle against Steppenwolf will be quite different in the Snyder Cut. There will be some aesthetic changes like Steppenwolf’s new look and Superman in the black suit, but the events of the battle will change, too. Snyder has teased Flash having to go back in time and Wonder Woman playing a bigger role in Steppenwolf’s defeat. There were also plans for Darkseid to be teased at the end of Justice League‘s final battle originally, so the League could see their true threat by the end if Snyder is able to include the sequel setup.

With Fisher sharing this image from the Snyder Cut, there’s a chance that this scene could be one of the “tweaks” Snyder included for the new trailer. There continues to be a heavy emphasis on Cyborg, too, as one of the other recent teases was about how Cyborg’s mom died. Snyder repeatedly called Fisher’s character and performance the heart of Justice League, so the focus on him isn’t too surprising. Cyborg was already a fan-favorite character in the previous version of Justice League but the Snyder Cut should put more fans in his corner given what we know about his pivotal and emotional Snyder Cut storyline.

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Source: Ray Fisher

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