How Small Is Apple’s New M1 Silicon-Powered Desktop?

Apple’s 2020 Mac mini is small but packs a powerful punch with the all-new M1 chip, making it comparable to a PC without all the bulk of a tower.

Apple’s new Mac mini is just what the name suggests: a miniature desktop computer offered as an alternative to its Mac and iMac systems. The Mac mini rivals a traditional desktop tower but in a much smaller package. Users can save space and achieve the minimalist look Apple has become known for.

Introduced in 1998, this small desktop computer has since been marketed as a standalone product, juxtaposed against traditional PC desktop computer packages that include a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories. Instead, the Mac mini is an á la carte product of sorts, encouraging consumers to mix and match their monitors and other accessories of choice.

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But just how small is the Mac mini? Measuring 7.7 square inches, it takes up less room on your desk than a typical mousepad, and it’s also just 1.4 inches in height. But, although this streamlined desktop is small, it still packs quite a punch. With the announcement of their new Mac products, powered by the powerful M1 chip, Apple’s line of laptops and desktops are more impressive than ever — and the new Mac Mini is certainly no exception.

Mac mini: Small Size, Big Features

While the Mac mini is meant to be a more affordable and thereby less powerful desktop compared to the iMac, iMac Pro, and Mac Pro models, the 2020 M1-powered model boasts an impressive 8-core CPU that Apple says processes up to 3x faster than its 2018 predecessor. In addition, says Apple, the new model offers 6x faster graphics and 15x faster machine learning capabilities — all while using up to 60-percent less energy than earlier iterations. With specs like these, the Mac mini is not to be overlooked when shopping for a new desktop. In fact, when pitted against a comparable Windows PC, the new Mac mini takes up 10-percent of the space while delivering 500-percent faster performance.

Even amongst the impressive array of computers and laptops that Apple offers, The Mac mini stacks up. Compared to the new MacBook Air — also part of the M1 chip family — the new mini offers all the same specs for $300 less. Granted, buyers will need to supply their own monitor, mouse, and keyboard, but they could still feasibly spend less in the end than if they purchased a MacBook or MacBook Air.

It’s no secret that Apple products tend to come with a high price tag, and their computers are no exception. However, not only does the Mac mini make their OS more accessible to those unwilling to break the bank for a computer, its compact design means consumers can get a tower of power — without the tower.

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