How Host Tyra Banks Has Made the Show Her Own Runway

Tyra has been using the DWTS ballroom as a personal runway with over the top looks and outfit changes week after week. Fans aren’t impressed.

Tyra Banks, the new host of Dancing with the Stars, has turned the ballroom into her own personal runway this season. Tyra has received a lot of backlash since starting her new hosting job for the dancing competition.

In the past, Tyra has hosted reality shows such as America’s Got Talent and her own modeling show, America’s Next Top Model. With some experience in hosting, she was brought onto the Dancing With The Stars team as the new host for the 29th season. Prior to Tyra’s arrival in the ballroom, former host Tom Bergeron was the face of the show, and had been since the first season. His co-host, Erin Andrews, joined Tom in 2014. The hosting duo held the show together up until their shocking cut from the ballroom just this year. Long-time fans were not impressed by the new choice of host for the show. Since the start of the season in September, Tyra has received a lot of backlash online for the way she hosts the show, as well as for the mess-ups she has made while hosting.

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The model turned host has made the Dancing With The Stars ballroom her own personal runway. Tyra has had at least one outfit change during the duration of each episode of the show. These outfits are not just a simple dress change mid show. Tyra kicks off every episode with a grand entrance in an over the top look. In her first appearance on the show, Tyra strutted her way into the ballroom in a large red gown with matching gloves. She quickly changed into a more casual look of a pink and red pant suit. While fans thought this could have just been for the premiere episode, Tyra has continued to have multiple outfit changes for almost every episode thus far. During the Halloween Villains’ themed episode, Tyra had not one, but two, extreme haunted looks. Most recently, Tyra took on two iconic looks for icons night, starting with one from J-Lo before changing into a pink wig for a Nicki Minaj look.

Tyra does not hide the fact that she treats DWTS like a fashion show. In an Instagram post just hours before one of the live shows, Tyra shared a picture of herself with the caption, “She’s about to catwalk out onto the @dancingabc dance floor LIVE. What will TyTy wear??? Hint: She gone be shiny, y’all!” Most of her captions on posts related to the show do in fact revolve around her looks for that particular episode. Tyra’s take on the show is a drastic change from the way former host Tom Bergeron presented the show in the past. Fans are not too impressed with Tyra’s over the top looks and way of hosting. They feel as though Tyra is trying to take all of the shine away from the dancers with her looks. On the DWTS official Instagram page, fans beg for the return of Tom and Erin on almost any post of one of Tyra’s outfits. One fan even wrote, “The host is supposed to be part of the background of the show – not the front and center star.

The long time fans of the show do have a good point. Tyra Banks may be taking it a little too far with her excessive looks. While she may just be trying to bring her own spin on things to the show, the Dancing With the Stars’ ballroom may not be the best place for it. The dancing couples are really the true stars of the show.

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