Footage Shows Tesla Rear-Ending A Honda At 136 MPH Well After Autopilot Disengages Due To Forward Collision Warning

A Tesla’s on-board front camera has captured the moment the EV rear-ended a Honda Civic on highway CA-24 near Lafayette, California recently.

The videos were shared on Twitter by noted hacker and security researcher GreenTheOnly, who is understood to have received it from a salvage yard where this Tesla was sitting.

The standard footage from the front of the Tesla shows it speeding down one of the center lanes of the highway. According to the separate clip that overlays the Tesla’s various semi-autonomous visualizations over the video, it is revealed that the speed differential between the two cars at the time of the rear-end collision was a shocking 63 mph (101 km/h). Blackbox data from the Tesla confirms it was traveling at 136.55 mph (219.7 km/h) at the moment of impact.

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The video cuts out almost immediately after the Civic is hit from behind, so it’s hard to know how much damage was caused to the two cars, although we guess they must have been totaled.

GreenTheOnly notes that Autopilot disengaged roughly 40 seconds before the crash and the Forward Collision Warning chime was triggered.

It is unclear why the driver of the Tesla continued to accelerate after Autopilot had been disabled, the Front Collision Warning alarmed them and still they made no attempt to brake or swerve out of the way of the slower-moving Honda. The most likely explanation is that the driver was distracted but even still, that doesn’t explain why they were driving so fast.

In incidents like this, it would be, you know, helpful to get in touch with a Tesla representative for a comment, but as Jalopnik notes, the Californian electric carmaker doesn’t see the need to have a press department at all.

Updated: November 14, 2020 — 2:25 am

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