Best Holiday Gifts For iPhone Users In 2020

If a friend or family member already has an iPhone, then here are three gift ideas that will improve the overall Apple smartphone experience.

With the holidays fast approaching, anyone looking for gifts for iPhone users will find the best options are available from Apple itself. It’s unlikely to be a surprise that Apple would offer the best accessory devices, due to its tightly integrated ecosystem. Many gift guides suggest accessories that are not electronic and while those are fine for low-cost gifts, there are much better options when stretching the budget a little further.

iPhone cases are a popular accessory, however the trouble with gifting cases is that it’s a personal decision, since there are various styles, colors and materials. Also, the correct model must be identified or there is a risk of an unusable gift if it’s the wrong size. Phone stands have limited use, since they presume the owner will put their iPhone down on a table or desk while continuing to use it. Not to mention, since the screen is relatively small compared to a tablet, stands tend to sound more useful than they actually are.

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Apple offers several relatively inexpensive devices that work great with any iPhone and will enhance the experience. In some cases, the benefits can even extend to the entire family. Apple products are designed to connect with each other seamlessly and, in particular, the iPhone plays nicely with every other device Apple offers. Starting in order of price from low to high, the HomePod mini is a great gift to give.

Gift A HomePod mini

The top gift recommendation for an iPhone user is the new HomePod mini. The smart speaker is brand new, but is already receiving positive reviews. The only concern is if the gift will be given to someone that uses Spotify. While it’s compatible with most other music streaming services, Spotify users will need an extra step to stream music from their iPhone. This is as easy as touching the iPhone to the HomePod mini, but it’s more convenient to be able to control music directly by voice. Being a smart speaker, it can be set up to serve an entire family with answers to common questions, weather reports, reminders, and so on. The speaker is likely to offer great sound for such a small device and shouldn’t distort too much at maximum volume, unlike other similar-sized speakers often do. The HomePod mini also has the ability to cancel vibration, so it won’t rattle and shake a shelf or table, even when turned up loud. In addition, it’s intelligent enough to adjust the sound, based on the location in the room. For $99, the HomePod mini will make a great gift for iPhone owners.

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Gift AirPods (Or AirPods Pro)

Apple AirPods Pro holidays

AirPods are a popular set of wireless earbuds for a reason. They offer great sound, are reliable, and integrate perfectly with an iPhone. Starting at $159, AirPods connect to the iPhone effortlessly and make using Siri more useful. The included charging case provides over 24-hours of listening and AirPods can last up to five hours on a single charge. For better quality sound and an adjustable fit, AirPods Pro add noise cancelling technology to eliminate background sounds, and it can be switched off when needed. A new AirPods Pro feature that has received rave reviews is Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio, which places the wearer in the middle of the audio environment when watching compatible movies. At $249, AirPods Pro offer some of the best sound quality available in wireless earbuds, and come with different flexible silicon tips for maximum comfort.

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Gift An Apple Watch Series 6 (Or Watch SE)

Apple Watch Series 6 holidays

If the shopping budget allows, an Apple Watch is a great accessory for an iPhone owner. Notifications are instantly available with a twist of the wrist, making quick responses super easy, and unimportant details can be dismissed just as quick. Calls can be answered on the wrist, with surprising volume from the speaker and extra clarity from the mic. Of course, the Apple Watch is well known as a health and fitness device, so there are those features as well. For someone interested in their health, the Apple Watch Series 6 offers blood oxygen measurements, which is useful to diagnose sleep apnea, and an ECG app that can help identify heart problems. The Apple Watch Series 6 starts at $399, but the Apple Watch SE can be picked up for only $279 and will also makes a great gift, as both options aid with monitoring and encouraging good fitness.

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Of course, an iPad, MacBook or Mac desktop computer would also be welcomed gifts for anyone using an iPhone, but the three mentioned above offer the tightest integration with the iPhone and are less likely to exceed the budget. There are color choices and band size to consider for the Apple Watch, so it may be best to be up front about the nature of the gift. That said, the band can be changed easily to personalize the color or for a better fit. The HomePod mini also has a color choice, albeit only between dark grey and white. Apple products are well loved by most, so it’s hard to go wrong with another Apple device for an iPhone user in 2020.

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