Scarlet Witch Becomes WandaVision in Amazing Art

In anticipation of WandaVision’s January release date, artist Stephen Byrne has posted an image of his own unique rendition of the Scarlet Witch.

A stunning new piece of art from Stephen Byrne transforms the comic book version of Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. Scarlet Witch into an eerie replica of The Vision in celebration of Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney+ series, WandaVision. Though Vision and Scarlet Witch are known to be one of Marvel’s most unusual couples, the combination of the two oddball Avengers as one takes the characters’ inherent peculiarity to an all-new level.

Although Marvel Studios is keeping the plot of WandaVision a tight-lipped secret until the first episode’s January 15 premiere date, the footage released thus far alludes to a storyline that draws inspiration from Tom King’s Eisner award-winning Vision series. In it, Vision moves to the suburbs of Arlington, Virginia, and creates his own synthezoid family in an attempt to further humanize himself. The narrative plays on the uncanny as the family of robots navigates their purpose as imitations of a traditional nuclear family. Given the family-friendly sitcom-inspired reality Wanda seems to have constructed for herself in WandaVision, fans have already begun noting the thematic similarities between the comic and upcoming series.

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Now, the artwork posted by Byrne on Twitter further capitalizes on the haunting tone utilized in Vision’s comic series. By combining Scarlet Witch and Vision to create a literal WandaVision, Byrne harkens back to Vision’s creation of his wife Virginia, who sports the same bewildered and emotional expression applied in his piece. It’s no surprise really, as Virginia was constructed using the brainwaves of Scarlet Witch, making her a Frankenstein-like merging of both Vision and his former lover.

However, Byrne’s WandaVision sketch is a unique take in its own right. Sporting the voluminous headdress exclusive to her traditional comic book look, the prolific artist has a clear affinity for Wanda’s vintage appearance. The absence of her iris and pupils, along with the addition of the solar jewel on her forehead and the rigid texture of her skin all combine with Wanda’s conventional characteristics to beg the question: is this new version of the character more witch or android?

For the time being, fans eagerly wait to discover exactly which pieces of Scarlet Witch and Vision’s sprawling comic book history will be adapted into the Disney+ series. Meanwhile, Byrne has elected to take the title of the series at face value by creating his literal WandaVision. Is it too far fetched to imagine a hybrid character such as this being included in the show? Only time will tell as the premiere of WandaVision draws ever nearer.

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Source: Stephen Byrne

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