One X-Men Hero Could Beat The Silver Surfer in Seconds

Thanks to Marvel Zombies: Resurrection, Marvel fans just learned that all it would take to take down the Silver Surfer is just one particular X-Woman.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #4

There are few heroes in the Marvel Universe who are as powerful as the Silver Surfer. While he was originally a herald of Galactus the World Devourer, the Surfer later became a hero in his own right in the cosmos, helping those in need among the stars while also preventing the efforts of his former master. However, it looks as though the powers of the Silver Surfer and his board have their limits. In the latest issue of Marvel Zombies: Resurrectionthe Silver Surfer meets his match and is completely obliterated, proving that there’s a particular member of the X-Men who could easily take him down.

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Norrin Radd was once a simple being, living with his wife and people on his homeworld of Zenn-La. However, when Galactus arrived to consume his world, Radd managed to strike a bargain with the cosmic giant. He would serve as Galactus’ herald, finding him new planets to consume, providing that his wife and planet be spared. Galactus agreed and granted Norrin with a portion of the Power Cosmic, which transformed him into the Silver Surfer, where he would ride a board throughout the galaxy in service to his dark lord. Eventually, the Surfer’s first meeting with the Fantastic Four inspired the Surfer to fight against Galactus’ control, becoming one of the Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes for years to come. However, when the Surfer gets infected in the latest Marvel Zombies series, he definitely becomes one of its biggest threats.

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In Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #4 from writer Phillip K, Johnson with art by Leonard Kirk, the hive-mind horde of zombies who were once Marvel’s heroes have the surviving Spider-Man, Blade, and the Richards’ children trapped. The Silver Surfer himself has become one of the infected and is preparing to infect Valeria Richards before she can enact her plan to destroy the hive. However, Val is saved by her brother Franklin in the nick of time, wielding Magik’s Soulsword (who had also been infected but recently decapitated by Wolverine, who was revealed to still be alive). The undead Silver Surfer tried to call his board to him, but Franklin used the sword to do some pretty heavy damage, all while expressing his anger about all those whom the horde had either killed or turned.

Franklin didn’t stop with just the Silver Surfer’s board, however. He immediately turned around, using the Soulsword to cleave the Silver Surfer in two as if he were made of paper. This is quite an impressive feat, seeing as how the Surfer’s board, abilities, and strength are all sourced from one of the most powerful forces in the entire Marvel Universe. However, while Franklin was successful in taking down the undead Surfer, it’s revealed at the very end of the issue that the boy kept Surfer’s head in secret, and thus the hive lives on despite Valeria blowing up the majority that was living inside the corpse of Galactus.

While Marvel Zombies: Resurrection takes place in an alternate reality than that standard 616 Marvel Universe, it stands to reason that this final issue of this miniseries proves that Magik could effectively take down the Silver Surfer (given the assumption that the Surfer’s undead state at the time didn’t render him weaker than normal). When it comes to the Soulsword against the power of the Silver Surfer and his board, there seems to be a pretty clear winner. Here’s hoping the Silver Surfer never has to be on opposite sides of the powerful X-Woman, or else he’d be in some serious trouble.

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