Kenny Reacts to Backlash Over His Marriage License Scenes

90 Day Fiance’s Kenny responded to people making comments about his attitude in next week’s preview without seeing the episode first.

Even 90 Day Fiancé fans’ favorite couple is not free from the sharp tongue of the Internet hater. Kenny and Armando won over many hearts with their genuine love story, but some viewers have still been able to find things to criticize them for. Recently, Kenny has been criticized for his reaction to having his marriage license application rejected. He took to Instagram to shut those haters down.

Kenneth Niedermeier, 57, and Armando Rubio, 31, are arguably this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’s only functional relationship. Their main source of drama is their struggles as an openly gay couple living in Mexico. First they dealt with meeting Armando’s family, who were only somewhat supportive of their engagement. Lately, Kenny and Armando have been trying to get legally married in Mexico after moving in together with Armando’s sweet 6 year old daughter Hannah. After Hannah approved of their relationship the couple were off to the marriage office to apply for a marriage license. However, they were told by the office that their marriage could not be approved until they contacted the human rights office. They did so, and the newest teaser shows that their marriage still won’t be approved.

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After watching the teaser, some fans were annoyed at Kenny’s reaction. He seemed to be taken by surprise by the marriage denial, and some viewers thought he should have done his research on marriage laws in Mexico before going through the legal process. They also took his eye rolls as rude, and argued that he shouldn’t act impolitely towards the marriage office. Kenny felt the need to address the angry fans and had some responses to their criticisms. Kenny defended himself by saying that he did do his research, and that he learned that the Supreme Court in Mexico legalized same-sex marriage, and so did the state he and Armando live in. He explained that the reason he looked upset or rude in the clip is because the language used in the denial was upsetting. Even from the short clip you can hear Armando read from the denial letter that gay marriage is a danger to the human species.

Armando and Kenny In 90 Day Fiance

Kenny also addressed claims that his scenes were scripted or that he and Armando were acting. Kenny was straight up, writing that “we are not actors and nothing was scripted.” He ended by wishing that people would watch the scenes fully before coming to their own conclusions and sending him their criticisms. Here’s the full text of his lengthy Insta-defense.

Kenny has rubbed some fans the wrong way for his misunderstanding of Mexico. So far, he hasn’t learned Spanish and doesn’t seem to understand the difficulty of living as an openly gay couple in La Misión, Mexico. Still, fans were too quick to criticize his reaction to having his marriage license denied, and once they see the full scene play out on next week’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way they will hopefully be kinder to the father of four. Luckily for Kenny, the positive words outweigh the negativity.

Source: Kenneth Niedermeier via Instagram

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