GTA Online Challenges Players To Steal $100 Billion In Heists

Rockstar announces The Heist Challenge for GTA Online, which asks players to collectively steal $100 billion in heists to unlock a special vehicle.

GTA Online players are up to a new collective challenge with a task to steal $100 billion in heists in less than a week. The new offer comes right after a week of triple and double rewards in some other GTA Online activities thus ultimately continuing the fun in an almost non-stop manner.

From November 5 through November 11, a generous promotion ran in GTA Online with triple GTA$ & RP rewards for completing any of the Target Assault Races, and double rewards for all Freemode Events and Biker Sell Missions. In addition to that, Rockstar offered some tempting discounts for various vehicles and properties. Even the least active players could grab a reward with a free Thruster livery being handed out to them for logging in to the game.

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Rockstar has officially announced The Heist Challenge for GTA Online, which tasks players with a necessity to collectively steal $100 billion in all the existing co-op heists to unlock an enticing reward for all the community members. The road towards the target figure takes every robbery into account including The Fleeca Job, The Data Breaches, and the most recent Diamond Casino Heist. If participants manage to hit the target of $100 billion by November 18th, Rockstar will reward every GTA Online player with a special free vehicle, which is yet to be revealed. It will become available in the game for a limited time in December at unspecified dates. Obviously, it all depends on whether the community will be able to collect the enormous amount of in-game money or not. To boost the heists, developers are taking 75% off from the cost of Casino Heist Setup Fees for the duration of the challenge.

GTA Online Cash

Additionally, Rockstar hints at possible bigger rewards for Casino vault robberies while the Casino story missions will result in double GTA$ & RP. Interestingly, the Diamond Casino Heist has suffered from a few glitches for quite some time making it far easier to complete. One of the recent unintended exploits allowed players to access the vault without triggering the alarm, although it turned out that the community had been aware of the bug for quite some time greatly benefitting from it by recreating the glitch to finish the mission.

Collective community challenges are always great fun regardless of the game they are being held in, although GTA Online is arguably one of the best platforms to perform such activities. Additionally, with heists becoming less attractive for players after successful completion, the new challenge is capable of revitalizing these types of missions, at least in the short-term. Rockstar could also have a bigger plan beyond the actual announcement. Perhaps, the time has come for a new exciting heist to be introduced.

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GTA Online is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Rockstar

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