Funniest Memes On Dale’s Reaction to Clare’s ‘Babies’ Comment

Many fans noticed that The Bachelorette lead Clare Crawley wants to make babies. But her fiancé Dale Moss doesn’t appear to be ready for that.

In the last episode of The Bachelorette, Clare Crawley and her fiancé Dale Moss returned for a Tell-All episode. The couple sat down with show host Chris Harrison and revealed their future plans. It seemed like the duo has a lot to talk about because they didn’t seem to be on the same page.

When Chris asked the couple about what’s on their list next, Clare yelled, “babies,” but Dale tried to ignore her comment and said, “Uh, really like, we’ve talk a little.” But Chris didn’t let him get out of the situation so easily and called him out, “Dale, you just skipped right over that.” He then probed if the couple is going to have “babies first, or are we getting married first?” While the former NFL player plans to get married first, the 39-year-old hairstylist enthusiastically said, “Whatever happens! We’re just excited to start our lives together and to get to know each other more and more.” Many The Bachelorette viewers noticed this awkward moment and now rolling out witty memes to mock the couple.

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This tweet perfectly fits the scene. It looks like Dale wasn’t expecting Clare to talk about babies so early in their relationship, and he was caught off guard.

A fan took a screenshot of Dale at that moment, and to be honest, he doesn’t look quite happy about his fiancée’s overenthusiastic reply on national TV. Did he even get to talk to his family or not?

Some The Bachelorette viewers believe that since the couple has a seven years age gap, it would be a dealbreaker in the coming years. Clare would soon turn 40, so right now, she doesn’t have any time to waste. The Sacramento native is only looking to move forward in the relationship.

Here’s another meme shared by a fan, and it’s somewhat true! The couple hasn’t been able to spend much time with each other. They are in the initial phase of their relationship, where they are trying to learn more about each other. So, at the moment, it wouldn’t be an ideal decision to have babies. Plus, a baby is a huge commitment and responsibility!


There’s no doubt that Dale and Clare have undeniable chemistry. But, it’s also true that they have known each other for the last few months only. Dale has shown commitment by proposing and getting engaged within two weeks of knowing Clare. Now, he should NOT be pressed to take the next step so soon.

Many The Bachelorette fans think that if the pressure continues, he might think of getting out of the relationship. Let’s hope that never happens because many are (low-key) in love with this pair.

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