DC Comics Debuts The New Superman

In DC’s Future State: Superman: House of El #1 previews, the newest Superman of Earth has been revealed and he’s connected to Kal-El.

Warning! Spoilers for Future State: Superman: House of El below

DC Comics has revealed solicits for the upcoming Future State event and the preview for the Future State: Superman: House of El #1 teases an all-new character taking the role of Superman. Rowan Kent will be the next Superman of Earth in a timeline that’s centuries in the future.

This week, DC’s solicits revealed tons of new information on upcoming titles of the Future State event. Future State will see a handful of titles featuring new and returning characters in DC’s future, spinning out of the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal. There will be a new Batman, a new Wonder Woman, a new non-binary Flash, and a cluster of new heroes and villains joining the fight in DC’s future. On Friday, DC revealed Rowan Kent will become the Superman of Earth.

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In a preview of the upcoming one-shot Future State: Superman: House of El #1 (via Newsarama), the bloodline of Superman continues as a new group of Kryptonian heroes will band together against a new threat named the Red King. The preview also teases the debut of Rowan and Ronan Kent, who are descendants of Jonathan Kent (who will be Future State’s Superman). While Rowan will become the new Blue Lantern, her brother Ronan is set to become the new Superman of Earth. The group will be led by an older Kal-El.

It’s not revealed which hero near Kal-El is Ronan, but considering his title, it’s safe to assume the one with the sword and Superman insignia is the Man of Steel of Earth. The group will also include Theand’r Ban-El, who’s of Tamarean descent (like Starfire). Theand’r, Ronan, Rowan, Kal-El, and the rest of Superman’s team will come together to not only fight in the name of their bloodline but against the Red King – who might be the alien-looking creature teased in the logo of the book.

It remains to be seen whether the new Superman of Earth is as powerful as Kal-El or Jonathan Kent, but considering his lineage, he surely possesses some serious power. It also begs the question, if Ronan is the Superman of Earth does that mean there are more Superman’s on different planets as well? Check out the solicit for Superman: House of El #1 below.

Superman House of El

  • Future State: Superman: House of El 
  • Card stock variant cover by JAY ANACLETO
  • ONE-SHOT | ON SALE 2/23/21
  • $5.99 US | 48 PAGES | FC | DC
  • Centuries into the future, the bloodline of Kal-El, the hero we know as Clark Kent, continues. Meet a new generation of Kryptonian heroes as they stand against one of the greatest threats they’ve ever faced: a diabolical foe called the Red King. Get ready for the unexpected debuts of the twins known as Rowan and Ronan Kent, descendants of Jonathan Kent. Rowan is the new Superman of Earth, while his sister is a Blue Lantern. Also on board are Theand’r Ban-El, whose mother was Tamaranean, and other heroes—all led by the original Man of Steel himself! Plus, don’t miss an appearance by the Black Racer!
  • See how the future of the Superman Family comes together in this wild, extra-size special!

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Source: Newsarama

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