5 Ways Beware The Batman Is DC’s Most Underrated Show (& 5 It’s Green Lantern: TAS)

Both Beware The Batman and Green Lantern: TAS were on Cartoon Network and only lasted one season before cancellation. Here is why both are underrated.

Some shows go on for multiple seasons to become fan-favorites. Others live for only one season only to be canceled due to a lack of viewers or ratings. Two of the most infamous of this case for DC projects are Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Beware The Batman.

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Both premiered on Cartoon Network and only lasted one season before being canceled. Over the years, both shows have gained cult followings and have earned the status of underrated. Which is more underrated though? The dark, broody world of Beware The Batman or the high-flying adventures of Green Lantern: The Animated Series?

10 Batman: It Used Atypical Villains

Rather than relying on the overused villains like the Joker or Scarecrow, Beware The Batman put the focus on the obscure. Villains like Magpie, Professor Pyg, and Deathstroke; these villains provided different kinds of adventures for Batman which made it refreshing.

Granted there were some classic villains: Two-Face, Killer Croc, and Ra’s Al Ghul were present. However, the inclusion of the lesser-known villains is one of the reasons why Beware The Batman briefly shined.

9 Green Lantern: A True Space Adventure

Take away the fact that it’s about superheroes, Green Lantern: The Animated Series would still work as a sci-fi show for kids. It captured that space-age feel of wonder and excitement via its art style, tone, and music.

Every planet, every adventure, and every encounter made the show feel like a perfect mix of Star Trek and Star Wars. The HBO Max series should take notes from this show.

8 Batman: More Mature Stories

Coming off the heels of the campy yet awesome Batman: The Brave And The Bold, Beware The Batman returned to the darker side of the character. Gotham was scarier, the villains were threatening, and Batman was more of a noir character this time around.

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The show featured detective work and more grounded action. In many ways, Beware The Batman feels pretty close to what Matt Reeves is attempting with The Batman movie.

7 Green Lantern: A Different Hero For Once

Everyone loves Batman and for good reason. However, many can agree that the character is overused in media. Green Lantern, on the other hand, is a hero who deserves more time in the spotlight; so to have a whole series based around Green Lantern and the Corps was a major breath of fresh air.

Unfortunately, due to the flop of the Green Lantern movie at the time, the animated series suffered from a lack of viewership. That’s why it was, sadly, canceled after one season.

6 Batman: A New Dynamic Duo

One of the more risky yet admirable decisions Beware The Batman made was to give Batman a new partner. This is where Katana comes in: Tatsu Yamashiro starts as Bruce Wayne’s new driver since Alfred is getting too old. This leads to a dynamic that’s clearly a tribute to The Green Hornet TV show.

There’s no Robin, Nightwing, or Batgirl. Again, bold choice but it gave the show a signature aspect. Tatsu herself is a capable partner for Batman and Bruce Wayne and it’s a shame that the show was canceled. The evolution of Katana could have been astounding to see.

5 Green Lantern: Spectrum Of Lanterns

Not only did Green Lantern: The Animated Series effectively portray the Corps but it brought about other Lantern Corps factions. The Red Lanterns are the main threat and they are fully developed characters.

The show even includes the introduction of a Blue Lantern in the form of Saint Walker. Saint Walker is often labeled as one of the best characters on the show. There are even the seeds planted for the Yellow Lanterns but it will sadly never come to fruition.

4 Batman: A Unique Batman

Beware The Batman‘s version of the Caped Crusader is brought to life with stylish 3D animation. This combined with a well-designed suit and a genuinely great performance by Anthony Ruivivar, and it makes a Batman that deserves more recognition.

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Ruivivar never feels like he’s trying to copy Kevin Conroy or Christian Bale. Ruivivar’s Batman sounds more like a detective out of a noir thriller and he makes it his own.

3 Green Lantern: Aya’s Creation

Batman: The Animated Series created Harley Quinn who would be added to the comics later. Well, Green Lantern did something similar with the creation of Aya; she is an artificial intelligence who constructs a body of her own and becomes a Lantern herself.

Aya’s evolution and interaction with Razer led to her becoming a fan favorite. Due to this love and the cancelation of the show, DC actually ended up putting Aya into the comics.

2 Batman: Superior Animation

Not to say that Green Lantern‘s animation is bad, far from it. However, in comparison to each other: the styling, lighting, movement, and tones used in Beware The Batman are definitely better.

It’s definitely a hard choice and Green Lantern‘s intentionally simplistic animation helps with the bright colors and adventures. Beware The Batman looks great even today and provides a distinct look for the Dark Knight’s world.

1 Green Lantern: Fully-Realized Villains

One of the best things about Green Lantern: The Animated Series is that the villains are not one-dimensional. They are 3D dimensional…in both animation and character. Atrocitus is not the typical big bad guy, he has motivations behind his actions.

Then there’s Razer, a villain who goes through a massive character arc. Sure there are some stock villains but its characters like Razer and Atrocitus that give the show pathos and depth.

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