Zodiac Signs Of The Animaniacs (Including Pinky & The Brain)

The 12 signs of the zodiac are meant to inform about a person’s personality – or in this case, a cartoon’s character, with everyone on The Animaniacs being a bit zany and a bit off, regardless of whether they’re a Warner.

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It can be hard to discern their true personality traits between all the chaos, but it’s a testament to how well the show is written. In spite of the bonkers parody plots and off-the-wall antics in every skit, each character fans see on screen does fit the personality of at least one zodiac sign.

12 Aries: Pesto

Without a doubt, Pesto of the Goodfeathers fits under the Aries star sign. He’s the self-appointed leader of the trio, as Aries often are, and he’s never afraid to drop everything in favor of “rumbling” and fighting, especially when he perceives he’s been insulted. (Whether he was or not doesn’t seem to matter much.)

He’s just as passionate about other aspects of life, as Aries usually are, and he’s loyal to his people … or rather, his pigeons.

11 Taurus: The Brain

If nothing else can be said about The Brain, it’s that he doesn’t give up. He’s stubborn and persistent, and he doesn’t give up on his goals – or, more accurately, his goal, of taking over the world.

No matter how many times he fails or is foiled, he’s already planning how they’ll take over the world the next night. Like those born under the Taurus sign, he has intense internal drive, and isn’t afraid of the work, no matter how much he has.

10 Gemini: Buttons

Geminis have a bad reputation for being two-faced, and Buttons is the perfect counter-example. Mindy’s parents think that Buttons is a very bad dog, who can’t follow simple directions.

In reality, he’s a much better guardian and doggy sidekick to Mindy than either human adult is, and much like other Geminis, he doesn’t always get the credit he deserves for being steadfast, loyal, and caring to those he loves.

9 Cancer: Pinky

If The Brain is the head, Pinky is the heart of the duo. He adores The Brain, and he does his best to help out with his whacky schemes, but like other Cancer signs, his emotions sometimes get in the way.

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This is especially frustrating for The Brain, who relies on logic and not much else to accomplish his goals.

8 Leo: Yakko

Yakko embodies all that’s best (and worst) about being a Leo. He’s extremely outgoing, friendly, and always knows how to make the best of a social situation.

However, he also knows how to make the worst of any social situation, and he frequently either misses or pointedly ignores social cues in favor of getting what he wants. He’s creative, bold and a natural leader, as Leos usually are.

7 Virgo: Dr. Scratchansniff

Poor Dr. Otto Scratchansniff. As the WB Studios psychiatrist, he’s under a lot of pressure to do the impossible – de-zanify the Warner siblings. Like most Virgos, he is analytical and extremely intelligent, while of course being well-read. He also seems to care a lot about the Warner siblings as time goes on, genuinely wanting the best for them and being genuinely disappointed when something doesn’t work out for them.

At the same time, like some Virgos, he’s not able to relax and let go of worry and stress, or apparently have much fun. If he could do so, it’s fairly likely that his time with the Warners would go much smoother for him. Maybe if he’d been more successful, Animaniacs wouldn’t have gotten canceled the first time around …

6 Libra: Runt

Runt is just happy to be here, and he always wants everyone else to be happy, too. This results in him coming off as wishy-washy, at best, but really it’s just because it’s as agreeable a dog as there ever was.

He’s content to go with the flow, even when he gets sent to the pound, and he never wants to upset anyone. All of this – for good and for not so good – are classic Libra traits.

5 Scorpio: Rita

Rita the cat fits with the Scorpio personality – she’s fiercely independent and she guards her heart carefully, but once someone makes their way into her good graces, she’s shown to be loyal and protective (even to Runt).

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She has the Scorpio bravery down, too. When she accidentally breaks out of the pound her former owner dumped her in, she only hesitates long enough to grab Runt before they both start their lives as strays together.

4 Sagittarius: Mindy

Mindy is a Sagittarius if ever there was one. Bolstered by the confidence of youth, Mindy is absolutely unafraid to go, do, and see whatever she wants to.

She has little regard for safety and clearly loves adventure, and once she decides to do something, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop her. She can’t be restrained, and like Sagittarius, she’s got the charisma to get away with it.

3 Capricorn: Slappy

It would be easy to class T.P, the CEO of Warner Brothers, as a Capricorn, but that’s because Capricorns get incorrectly judged as being money-hungry and unemotional. Instead of T.P, the actual classic Capricorn of the show is Slappy the Squirrel.

She’s successful, and she’s got a no-nonsense attitude that doesn’t permit any guff, but she’s also deeply loyal and very hard-working, in all aspects of her life, just like most Capricorns are. She also is the most acutely aware of the fact that she’s a cartoon in a TV show, which goes along with Capricorn being among the wisest of the zodiac.

2 Aquarius: Nurse

Heloise Nerz, the Warner Brothers Studio nurse, has the unfortunate blessing of being very attractive, and in almost all cases, she’s overlooked, or only judged based on that fact.

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However, like most people born under the Aquarius sign, she has hidden depths – in her case, she’s extremely intelligent – and she’s cautious about who she shares her true self with. She obviously cares about the Warners, just not in the (wildly inappropriate) way they care about her, which leads to some distance and intense discomfort.

1 Pisces: Dot

Dot is the epitome of the Pisces attitude: she’s got a huge heart, she’s creative, compassionate, and very intuitive, while also not being afraid to stand up for herself and put others (especially her brothers) in their place if they’re misbehaving.

She’s also extremely aware of – and unapologetic about – how cute she is, but that also means that sometimes she wants more than her fair share of the spotlight.

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