Umbrella Academy: Will Raymond Return For Season 3?

Yusuf Gatewood portrayed a crucial role in The Umbrella Academy season 2, playing the role of newcomer Raymond Chestnut; here’s how he can return.

Yusuf Gatewood portrayed a crucial role in The Umbrella Academy season 2, playing the role of newcomer Raymond “Ray” Chestnut, and the character still has a plausible future in the series. Based on the comic books by Gerard Way, the Netflix live-action adaptation presented a high-stakes follow-up season which featured a handful of new faces. Of course, the Hargreeves siblings were at the center of the drama, once again trying to stop an impending apocalypse.

Following the explosive Umbrella Academy season 1 finale, Number Five transported his siblings using his time travel powers, sprinkling them throughout the 1960s in Dallas, Texas. Allison, who found herself alone in 1961, was still left without her voice. She managed to find a job at a nearby salon, which was where she first met Ray during a Civil Rights Group Meeting. The man was a leading figure in the local Civil Rights Movement, and Allison quickly joined the efforts. She grew closer to Ray before they fell in love, getting married in 1962. Despite getting her voice and powers back, Allison refused to rumor Ray.

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As a proud Black woman, Allison had no qualms about participating in Dallas’ sit-ins, but when a police officer tried to brutally attack Ray, she was forced to use her powers to protect him. The truth regarding her abilities, as well as her family, eventually came out. Ray accepted his wife’s true identity, and he even helped her fight and dispose of one of the Swede assassins. In time, Allison and her siblings found a way back to the primary timeline. Rather than come along, Ray chose to stay behind so he could keep fighting for a bigger cause. Just because Allison returned to an altered version of 2019, it doesn’t mean that Ray will be absent for the rest of the show’s duration. In fact, time travel gives The Umbrella Academy plenty of opportunities to bring back figures from the 1960s timeline.

How Raymond Could Appear In The Umbrella Academy Season 3


Although Allison deeply loved Ray, she had to return to her young daughter, Claire. Upon returning to 2019, the Hargreeves’ realized that the timeline wasn’t the same as they had left it. Their father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, was still alive, and instead of forming the Umbrella Academy, he created the Sparrow Academy. There’s a chance that Claire doesn’t even exist in this altered timeline. In this case, Allison and the others might be forced to travel back in time to fix what they unknowingly changed. Traveling back could give Allison the chance to revisit her husband.

Ray didn’t want Allison to erase his memories because he cherished their time together. Even if she traveled anytime after the 1960s, she might potentially encounter a version of Ray that fully remembers her. It’s unlikely that Ray would be alive in 2019 no matter what version of the timeline is in focus, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. If time travel isn’t an option, there’s always the alternative of using flashbacks to bring back Gatewood’s character. He emerged as a fan-favorite for his debut season, and The Umbrella Academy season 3 would benefit from bringing back such a good-hearted figure.

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