Porsche’s Unseen Vision 916 Concept Dreamed Of A Small Electric Sports Coupe

This is the Porsche Vision 916, a design study for a small electric sports car inspired by the company’s prototype 916 from the 1970s.

The idea behind the Vision 916 was to examine how minimalist can a Porsche sports car be in our times but still remain relevant.

Created by an apparently very talented intern from Porsche’s design team back in 2016, the Vision 916 is all-electric, featuring no less than four wheel-hub motors. Porsche now shows it to the world, as part of its Unseen series of design studies.

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Porsche says that the combination of the low weight with the power of the four motors is more than enough to make the Vision 916 a very enjoyable driving experience.

As the name suggests, the Vision 916 draws stylistic inspiration from the fascinating 916 of the 1970s, a car that was never officially put into production. The original 916 was a further developed 914 that made use of the bigger six-cylinder engines found in the 911.

The prototypes were way more powerful than the 914/6 models but Porsche pulled the plug and the dream of a really small Porsche with a 911 engine was dead. Depending on who you’re asking, Porsche made 10 or 11 916 models in the 1970s before killing the project, and these cars are now ultra-desirable million-dollar collectibles.

Who knows, maybe in the not-too-distant future, we’ll get to finally see Porsche making a small barebones sports car with all the performance goodies this new electric era has to offer.

Updated: November 12, 2020 — 6:55 pm

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