Nissan GT-R Spits Flames In London, Promptly Catches Fire

Incessantly revving a car and having flames shooting out of the exhaust is not a good idea. Case in point, this Nissan GT-R that recently caught fire because of its overzealous driver.

The following incident happened in the UK last week just before the country went back into lockdown. This black GT-R has been fitted with an aftermarket exhaust system and, according to the YouTuber who uploaded this video, the driver was revving the car throughout the night, creating huge flames much to the amusement of the crowd.

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While revving a car like this may get you lots of admirers at a car meet, the truth is that it is absolutely terrible for your engine and has led to fires in the past. The exact same thing happened here.

As the driver kept on revving the car, the exhaust overheated and the car erupted in flames. As the fire started to rage, attendees furiously threw anything they could at it. People can also be seen swatting at the fire with shifts and jackets, but to no avail.

The fire was only brought under control when someone rushed to the scene with a fire extinguisher and was able to douse the flames. Which was very fortunate as, if the fire continued, it could have engulfed the whole car.


Updated: November 12, 2020 — 2:27 am

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