Nicole Franzel Shuts Down Janelle’s ‘Paid Wedding’ Claims

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo shut down Janelle Pierzina’s claims post-Big Brother 22: All-Stars that their guests were paying for their wedding.

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo have shut down Janelle Pierzina’s allegations post-Big Brother 22: All-Stars that their guests were paying for their wedding. An event hadn’t received this much attention on the show and from the fans since Dan’s Funeral on Big Brother 14. But for one reason or another, a good portion of BB22 focused on Nicole and Victor’s wedding, and who was invited to it, and who wasn’t attending it, and where would it be, and when would it happen. In her goodbye message, Nicole openly uninvited Janelle to the wedding, but as it turns out, Janelle still got the invitation in the mail anyway.

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Ever since she left Big Brother 22, Janelle hasn’t been shy about addressing her beef with Nicole Franzel. Furthermore, Janelle has made it clear quite a few times that she wasn’t going to attend the wedding anyway, but would instead just send them a gift. Then, when her mailed-in invitation card arrived, Janelle tweeted out a picture of it, pointing out how each guest was allegedly being charged $3,000 to attend the destination wedding. She also clearly stated that the guests were being charged this amount so that the wedding could “basically be comped,” implying that the guests were pretty much paying for the ceremony.

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Now that Nicole Franzel has had some time to catch up on the things that were said while she was on Big Brother: All-Stars, she’s deciding to address a few things. During the latest episode of her Coco Caliente podcast with Victor Arroyo, the couple decided to openly address this particular claim – which was started by Janelle – that people had to pay to go to their wedding, which Nicole is calling “absurd.” Victor explained that the guests “pay for their flight and for their stay. The rumor was, ‘everybody’s paying for our wedding,’ which is not true.” Nicole added that they’re paying tens of thousands of dollars to host the ceremony and that their guests are just being asked to cover their own expenses to travel to Turks and Caicos and stay at the destination wedding hotel. Victor then directed a jab at Janelle, saying: “Whoever started that rumor – obviously I know who it was -, that was just stupid and petty to do.”

Outside of the Coco Caliente podcast and a few brief BB22-related interviews, Nicole Franzel has stayed mostly quiet about her most recent experiences on the show and the post-season drama. But she has promised to address certain things on the podcast, and it seems like this episode was just the first step in a very long journey.

Now that the wedding situation is out of the way, Nicole might take the time to talk about the actual Big Brother 22: All-Stars game drama that took place on and after the show.

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