Millie Bobby Brown Will Be Sacrificed To A Dragon In Damsel Movie

Millie Bobby Brown will star in and produce the new Netflix movie Damsel. In the movie, Brown’s Princess Elodie will face-off against a fierce dragon.

Following the success of her various projects on Netflix, Millie Bobby Brown is now gearing up to fight dragons in a new movie called Damsel on the streamer. Brown, who holds two Primetime Emmy nominations for her act as Eleven in the smash-hit Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things, made her feature film debut in 2019 with the Godzilla sequel, Godzilla: King of Monsters. The actress will soon reprise her role from the movie in the 2021 film, Godzilla vs. Kong. In 2020 Brown also made her debut as an executive producer on Harry Bradbeer’s wildly popular film adaptation of Nancy Springer’s mystery novel, Enola Holmes. Now, Brown is combining her talents as a producer and as an actress for another outing on the streaming giant.

As per Deadline, Brown has signed on to both star in and executive produce Damsel, a new fantasy feature film that is being directed by Oscar-nominated Spanish filmmaker Juan Carlos Fresnadillo off a screenplay by Wrath of the Titans scribe Dan Mazeau. Damsel will feature Brown as Elodie – a starry-eyed princess who believes that she is living a fairytale after being married off into a rival kingdom. Elodie, however, soon stumbles upon a harsh reality when she realizes that during the harvest season she’ll be sacrificed to a dragon. The princess subsequently decides to fight for her survival. Abandoning her naivety, Elodie adopts a terrifying fighter spirit and takes on the dragon that’s out to kill her.

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Enola Holmes

After her breakout turn in the supernatural genre and a stunning performance in a mystery film, Brown’s wandering into the realm of fantasy is a testament to her sheer acting caliber. Brown-Netflix collaborations have never failed to entertain viewers or critics. And now that an Oscar-nominated director has been tasked to steer the next joint-venture between the actress and the streamer, it’s quite likely that this trend of successful collaborations will continue. The premise for Damsel is fairly astounding, but it’s too early to tell how the film will fare.

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Source: Deadline

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