How to Unlock More Dragon Karts in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Dragon Kart is the go-kart mini-game in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, but most players don’t know they can unlock more karts to race in the game. The Dragon Kart storefront is opened when the player completes the 40th side quest, Welcome to Dragon Kart, during chapter four. Once this is done, the player can receive later quest to unlock fresh and high-quality go-karts.

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To start this off, players will need to first unlock the Dragon Kart storefront in Yokohama Park. Players gain access to this area after chapter three of the game. Once unlocked, players can race in their first go-kart race.

How to Complete “Welcome to Dragon Kart” in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Kasuga should head to Yokohama Park and walk in front of the Dragon Kart storefront. This will trigger a conversation between Kasuga and Fujisawa, who invites the player to join in the wild world of Dragon Kart. This will prompt the player with the Welcome to Dragon Kart sub-story quest.

At first, Kasuga is unimpressed with the opportunity, however, when Fujisawa lets him know that the races are done in the streets of Yokohama and that racers are allowed to attack one another, it catches his attention. While Fujisawa admits he’ll start Kasuga out in a standard kart, he lets him know that this one can be upgraded, and new options can be unlocked.

If Kasuga takes up the offer, the player will race on Primal Road. This starting course isn’t incredibly difficult, and players will get a quick rundown on all the controls before starting the race. The course is a simple cube with a three-lap race that can be fairly easily won. After finishing the race, Fujisawa will mention that Kasuga should enter into more races in the future.

The other racers will talk some trash to Kasuga as well before he can leave. Fujisawa gives a little bit of insight into each of the racers. While players only raced against Naoki, Hamanoumi, and Ai, Fujisawa tells the player of every racer he has show up.

Naoki, the man in the red wrestling attire, is a wrestler and event spokesperson, his strengths are power and reflexes. Hamanoumi, the man in the green mawashi, is a third seat sumo wrestler whose strength is just his pure power to knock other racers off of the course. These two are also known as the Two-Headed Bomb when they race together.

Ai, a young blond woman in a pink bunny suit, is a dealer at the casino, her strength is her pure speed and she is best at straight courses. Matsuko, a small gray-haired woman, is a veteran driver who has tricked out her go-kart as much as money can, she is incredibly dangerous to drive alongside and is quite speedy. Matsuko and Ai team up often and are known as the Rocket Girls.

Suguru, the man in a blue suit with round glasses, is a public trading company employee and his strength is learning each course in and out to the point of knowing every shortcut. Akira, the man in a purple suit, is the leader of the Agepoyo biker gang. He uses his motorcycle technique to his advantage with brutal attacks. Jin, the man in a white suit with katakana written all over it, is part of the yakuza and another difficult fighter. Together they form the group the Drift Musketeers.

How to Unlock the Four Special Go-Karts in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

While players can return to Dragon Kart at any time to do more races, one, in particular, is important to make it to further races that grant Kasuga the ability to purchase special go-karts. The first of these races is part of the 41st side quest called Two-Headed Bomb. After winning the Cerberus Cup, players should leave the area and return to start this special quest around chapter four of the main story.

This race will be strictly against the Two-Headed Bomb team of Naoki and Hamanoushi. As long as the player has fully upgraded their Navy Fang cart, they should have no trouble beating them in this race. The track is a previously used track except foggy, adding an extra layer of confusion to the race. Winning the Pegasus Cup will reward the player with 300 dragon rings and the new Rumble Crasher kart.

Next is side quest number 42 called Rocket Girls. This race can only be started after winning the Pegasus Cup. Just like before, the player will need to leave the area and return later to be offered this opportunity. This race is strictly against the Rocket Girls team of Ai and Matsuko. Once more, this is a previous run-through track but with fog added for extra difficulty. This particular race takes place on the Explosion Boulevard track, meaning that there are explosive barrels players will need to avoid or shoot. Players should use either the maxed out Navy Fang kart or the Golden Phalanx. Winning the Phoenix Cup will reward the player with 300 dragon rings and the Rapid Phantom.

The 43rd side quest is called The Data Drifter. Once more, this race will only be provided after the player wins the Phoenix Cup and returned to the Dragon Kart. This race is against Suguru alone. Players should use the maxed out Rapid Phantom cart to race on the Pain Circuit in fog. Winning this race will grant the player 300 dragon rings and the Ignition Shadow kart.

The next side quest is number 44, named Biker Blitz. This works the same as the last several, except this does not have a kart reward. This race is against Akira and will require the maxed out Rapid Phantom kart. It is also on the fogged Sky Highway. While this one does not reward with a kart, it is required to move onto getting the last of the four special karts. While all of the previous races can be done after chapter four of the game, the last one cannot be done until chapter 15. 45 is called One Hell of a Racer. This again does not offer a kart reward but must be completed. This race unlocks the final race.

The final race is for the Dragon Cup in The World is my Racetrack. This last race is against the owner of the Dragon Kart Fujisawa himself. The strategy here is to get in front of the Dragon Kart as soon as possible and use the kart that the player is the most comfortable with maneuvering. Winning the Dragon Cup will reward the player with 500 dragon rings, the Rising Dragon kart, and the Pop the Corn trophy.

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Yakuza: Like A Dragon is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Linux, and Mac iOS.

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