Bugsnax: How To Find (& Catch) Mothza Supreme

Bugsnax starts with the player being attacked by the Mothza Supreme, and this is how players can enact their revenge and catch the giant flying pizza.

From the very beginning of Bugsnax, players will be hunting down the Mothza Supreme as it is the very reason the player is stranded on Snaktooth Island with a broken ship. The giant flying pizza isn’t easy to catch, and it will take players some time to track it down. Luckily, this guide will teach Bugsnax players where and how they can catch the Mothza Supreme.

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Mothza Supreme is a boss Bugsnax meaning it can only be fought once and through special conditions. There is a handful of boss Bugsnax players can encounter in a playthrough, and they are discovered by progressing the NPCs’ storylines. Not every storyline ends with a boss fight, but the ones that do are a real treat to complete. Here’s how to catch the Mothza Supreme once and for all.

Find & Catch The Mothza Supreme In Bugsnax

bugsnax mothza supreme sizzling sands

Before players can find the Mothza Supreme, they will need to unlock the Sizzling Sands which is one of the final 2 locations they will unlock. This is the desert area that is home to Shelda and the Mothza Supreme. Upon entering the Sizzling Sands, players can spot the Mothza Supreme flying in a circle around the area, but they won’t be able to capture him just yet.

Mothza Supreme is the boss Bugsnax that is fought at the end of Cromdo Face’s questline. Cromdo Face is the shorter red Grumpus who is a bit of a con artist. He believes that the key to his big break is capturing and selling the Mothza Supreme. Players will have to fetch him an assortment of Bugsnax to progress his storyline to the Mothza Supreme boss battle.

The fight with Mothza Supreme is pretty straight forward. Players will have to launch the explosive pizza rolls at Mothza Supreme using the Launchpad Cromdo gives the player earlier in the game. Once Mothza Supreme is hit, it falls to the ground underneath a giant stone pizza cutter. Players will need to rush down to the pizza cutter and shoot the green symbol with their Snak Grappler. Mothza Supreme will need to be hit three times before it is turned into a small slice of pizza the player can pick up by pressing square. Sadly, the pizza slice will have to be fed to Cromdo Face…

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Bugsnax is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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