Who Is The ’80s Pop Star Behind The Popcorn Costume?

There have been a lot of different guesses as to the identity of Popcorn on The Masked Singer but we think she’s a famous 80s pop star.

Group A returns this week on The Masked Singer season 4 and fans are still trying to figure out who Popcorn is. We know who she is and we’ve got all the clue links to prove it.

This season of The Masked Singer has had some of the most challenging celebrities to identify. The first duo costume, Snow Owl, requires guessing not one but two celebrities. With the first puppet costume, Baby Alien, the guessing was so hard I had my first wrong prediction in four seasons. However, Popcorn happens to be one with a lot to go on. The costume itself shows us the height of celebrity. When Popcorn stands next to host Nick Cannon, it’s clear she is very small in stature, even with the very high platforms. One of the common guesses for the identity of Popcorn was Tina Turner. We previously debunked this idea. In addition to the fact that Turner lives in Switzerland now, she has not worn heels and danced around as Popcorn does in a while. However, we know someone who does.

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We predicted after her very first performance that Popcorn was in fact ’80s pop star Taylor Dayne. Another performance and clue package confirmed that prediction. In her second clue package, we were told that as a tiny kernel, she had a bizarre condition and developed severe anxiety. In her book, Dayne discussed overcoming physical and mental struggles as a child. She spoke of being hospitalized with kidney issues at age 4. The “Corn and the Beautiful” clue was likely a reference to her hit song, “Beautiful”. There were plenty of cats in the video and the pop star was also a Broadway star who starred as Grizabella in Cats on Broadway. The 16 candles for the movie Sixteen Candles, a Rubik’s cube, and a crimper pointed to the ’80s, when Dayne was a huge pop star.

There was a Pride flag and Dayne has often said that the LGBTQ+ community features some of her staunchest supporters. Her drone clue, the planet Venus, was an easy one. The song “Venus” by Bananarama, featuring Taylor Dayne, was a huge hit. The earlier clues fit Dayne just as well. Popcorn talked about founding her career on love. Dayne’s career catapulted forward following the hit, “Tell It To My Heart”, and she kept making love songs. “I’ll Always Love You”, “Prove Your Love”, and “Love Will Lead You Back” were just some of her top 10 hits that included a love angle. The entire clue package had a Sex and the City theme, which is fitting for Dayne, who is a Manhattan native.

There was a great visual clue that had an apple with a bite out of it and some meatloaf. The song “Original Sin” by Meatloaf was one she covered successfully. The man with purple clothing and crown shown in that first package has to be the late “Purple Rain” singer, Prince.  She not only toured with him in 1988 but remained close to the music legend afterward. She also mentioned jet setting with royalty, which could mean a “prince” but also a “king”.  She also toured with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. In addition to all these absolutely perfect clue matches is the fact that Popcorn just sounds like Dayne. With a very unique voice and the two clue packages, it’s hard to imagine it could be anyone else.

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Updated: November 11, 2020 — 11:55 pm

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