Where Else You Can See Netflix Comedy’s Stars

Netflix’s Swedish-language romantic comedy has an almost-all Swedish cast – here’s everywhere else you might have seen the actors before.

Netflix’s Love & Anarchy is a Swedish romantic-comedy series about the blossoming and potentially disastrous relationship between Sofia Rydman, a consultant, and Max Järvi, a young IT expert. Most of the principal cast will be largely unknown to its audience, such is the nature of the breakout hit, but most have appeared elsewhere before.

Sofia is sent to modernize an old-fashioned publishing house and strikes up a flirtation with Max, and the two start challenging each other to do increasingly risqué things. Sofia’s home life is increasingly on the precipice of collapse as she is drawn further into her romance with Max, as she starts to realize that perhaps the life she’s built is not the one she wants. Love & Anarchy is Netflix’s second Swedish-language series after Quicksand and has a primarily Swedish cast.

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Although some of the cast members of Love & Anarchy have received international attention for their work, most of them have enjoyed longtime careers in Swedish film and television. If Love & Anarchy is their first major role for American audiences, then the charming and talented cast is ready for the challenge.

Love & Anarchy: Sofie and Max

Ida Engvoll – Sofie Rydman: Ida Engvoll is a Swedish actress best known for the film A Man Called Ove, which was nominated for Best Foreign Film in the 2012 Academy Awards. Engvoll appears in Love & Anarchy as Sofie, the main character and Max’s love interest. Engvoll also starred in the Swedish television series Rebecka Martisson in the title role and had a supporting role in the series The Team.

Björn Mosten – Max Järvi: Mosten is a Swedish actor, and Love & Anarchy is his first film credit. Mosten appears as Sofia’s love interest,  a much younger and flirtatious IT expert at her office.

Love & Anarchy Supporting Cast

From left to right:

Björn Kjellman – Ronny Johansson: Björn Kjellman is best known for his starring roles in the Swedish films Breaking Out, Once In A Lifetime, and Old, New, Borrowed and Blue. In addition to Love & Anarchy, Björn stars in the Swedish television series Honour.

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Lars Väringer – Lars Fagerström: Lars Väringer is a Swedish actor with over eighty film credits in Sweden, and is best known internationally for appearing in Midsommar as Sten.

Gizem Erdogan – Denise Konar: Gizem Erdogan is a Swedish television actress with supporting roles in the series Caliphate and Alex.

Johannes Bah Kuhnke – Johan Rydman (not pictured): Johannes Bah Kuhnke is a Swedish actor, best known for the Swedish-French film Force Majeure, which won the Jury Prize at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. The actor has also starred in the Swedish television shows Black Widows and The Rain.

Reine Brynolfsson – Friedrich Jägerstedt (not pictured): Reine Brynolfsson is most famous internationally for portraying Captain Beauvais in the 1998 film version of Les Misérables, but has acted in over forty Swedish films during his career.

Ren Hanami – Gertrude (not pictured): Ren Hanami is an American actress making her Swedish debut with Love & Anarchy. Previously, she had supporting roles in Glow, Santa Clarita Diet, and 13 Reasons Why.

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