Peacemaker TV Show Casts Chris Conrad As Vigilante

HBO Max’s Peacemaker TV show starring John Cena revealed several castings today, including Chris Conrad as the character Vigilante/Adrian Chase.

Actor Chris Conrad has nabbed the role of Adrian Chase/Vigilante in Peacemaker, HBO Max’s upcoming show. John Cena will play Peacemaker, who’s one of the new characters in The Suicide Squad, directed by James Gunn. Season one of the series will consist of eight episodes, with Gunn writing all and directing several. Though The Suicide Squad doesn’t come out until next year, Warner Bros. is clearly confident in Peacemaker’s appeal. Other characters from the movie will also appear in the spinoff show, including Steve Agee’s John Economos, a Belle Reve Federal Penitentiary warden. Peacemaker will begin filming soon, as Gunn recently revealed he was beginning a two-week quarantine period before starting work on the project.

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Though specific details about the show are hard to come by, it’s now clear Adrian Chase/Vigilante will play a role. Vigilante is actually the name given to several characters in DC Comics. The Adrian Chase version is a New York City district attorney who loses his wife and kids after they’re attacked by mobsters. This leads him to seek justice as Vigilante. Adrian Chase was notably played by Josh Segarra on Arrow and became one of the series’ most important villains. However, Arrow‘s version of the character was ultimately a combination of Adrian Chase and Prometheus, a different DC villain.

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According to THR, Conrad will specifically play Adrian Chase/Vigilante in Peacemaker. Gunn confirmed the news on social media soon after. Conrad has guest-starred on several shows and recently played New Leaf on Epix’s Perpetual Grace, LTD. No other details about his role were given, though mentioning Chase and Vigilante seems to imply Peacemaker will hew more closely to the character’s comic book story than Arrow did.

Considering Peacemaker is on track to start filming soon, it makes sense more casting announcements are coming out. This news indicates Peacemaker is looking to expand the world of The Suicide Squad with other notable characters from the comics. It helps Segarra helped introduce some audience members to Adrian Chase, who became a fan-favorite villain on Arrow. It will be interesting to see Conrad’s take on the character, especially with the Vigilante component.

All told, the Peacemaker TV show is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the DC Extended Universe. Hopefully, moviegoers walk away from The Suicide Squad next year eager to see more of Cena’s character. His move from ensemble member to lead is another intriguing aspect of Peacemaker. However, based on this casting news, the show will give other characters like Adrian Chase/Vigilante time to shine as well.

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Source: THR, James Gunn

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