How to Get the Impervious Lute in Mortal Shell

Lutes are consumable items in Mortal Shell that allow the player to jam out to avoid an ambush or make friends with non-aggressive NPCs.

The soundtrack to Mortal Shell is something of a mix between rock and heavy metal, and The Foundling can play many of the songs on the lute. In the game, players control The Foundling, a wraithlike creature exploring and working to save a fractured world. The Foundling must possess the bodies, or Shells, of four fallen warriors and learn their powers to help them fight the deadly creatures that call Fallgrim home. The player will need to fight difficult enemies and even more punishing bosses to collect three sacred glands for an Old Prisoner at Fallgrim Tower. During their travels, players will find items they can use to get better control over the events of the game. Lutes can be looted from fallen enemies or chests around Fallgrim, but most Normal Lutes will break after a few uses.

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The Impervious Lute is an Unlimited Use Item, meaning it won’t break no matter how many times the player takes it out to jam with Brigands or force Gorf to vomit and change the color of their Shell, it will not break. The Lute, particularly the Impervious Lute, is important because it is a way for the player to lure enemies to their location, allowing the player to control combat encounters, avoid ambushes, and farm loot. It is also a way to get NPCs to react to The Foundling. Because the Impervious Lute won’t break or need to be replaced, it is worth seeking out so the player won’t need to find more Normal Lutes. Here’s how to find the Impervious Lute in Mortal Shell.

How to Get the Impervious Lute in Mortal Shell

The Foundling and Baghead drink and play music at the campsite in the secret ending to Mortal Shell

Players will find the Impervious Lute at the large campsite on the right side of the map in the Fallgrim overworld area. Players will need to enter a valley to reach the campsite. There, the player will encounter enemies, particularly Brigands.

After defeating the Brigands, one Melee Brigand will drop the Impervious Lute. The player can take it and play it. The sound of the music will draw out enemies, forcing them to become aggressive and attack so they cannot take the player by surprise.

All items in Mortal Shell adhere to a Familiarity system. The more times the player uses an item, the more familiar they will become with it, and the better the item will work next time. This is also true for the Lute and the Impervious Lute. At higher levels of Familiarity, playing the Lute will get a better reaction from non-aggressive NPCs.

Players can use the Lute with NPCs, particularly Sester Genessa, to get a special reaction. Playing the Lute after feeding Gorf certain foods will cause him to vomit on The Foundling, changing the Shade of his Shell. At high levels of Familiarity, playing the Impervious Lute near one of the non-aggressive Brigands will cause him to begin playing the song with The Foundling, creating a fun moment in the middle of the chaos and destruction.

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Mortal Shell is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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