How to Build a Profitable Park (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies)

Jurassic Park Evolution is a video game where players can operate their own dinosaur-themed amusement park. Allowing players to breed, care for, and make a profit from a variety of dinosaur species, the aim of the game is to complete a variety of park challenges in order to create a successful business. In many ways, it is a game about bringing John Hammond’s dream of dinosaur theme parks to life.

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But there’s more to this dinosaur tycoon than prehistoric creatures. There’s research, fossil discovery, diseases, consumer entertainment and so much more. For any park to really bring in a profit, the player needs to have an understanding of all of these things and know what to prioritize. With that being said, below are some tips on creating a successful park.

Create Optimized Enclosures in Jurassic World Evolution

There are three important factors that need to be considered with any given enclosure: enclosure terrain, sturdy fences, and dinosaur visibility. Enclosure terrain is arguably the most important since it affects the dinosaur’s temperament the most. Players will quickly realize that each dinosaur species is particular about the environment they live in. Some want a lot of grasslands, others want forested areas, and others still are not all that picky but just want a lot of space. But regardless of the terrain preference, all enclosures need at least one food source and one water source at a bare minimum. In order to ensure that the dinosaurs are relatively content, players need to landscape the inside of the enclosure to meet the dinosaur’s preferences. Otherwise, it is likely that the dinosaurs will become distressed and attempt to escape the enclosure.

But some dinosaur species are hard to please. Be it due to limited living space on the island or the hostility of a given species, some dinosaurs are not going to be shy about testing the enclosure’s fences. This is especially true for certain carnivores who are easy to agitate. For these dinosaurs, players are recommended to upgrade their fences whenever possible to be sturdier. While these fences are not foolproof, they often serve as useful deterrents for any dinosaur escapee. It can also buy the park some valuable time to call park visitors into the nearest emergency shelter if a dinosaur escape is imminent.

The last thing players need to ensure is that visitors can watch the dinosaurs within the enclosure itself. Build a few viewing galleries or viewing platforms and try to place feeders right in front of them. That way park guests are almost guaranteed to see a dinosaur. It is also recommended that players clear the viewing areas of any trees that may hinder the visitor’s view.

Don’t Rush in Creating Certain Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution

It is understandable that beginner players want to introduce the series’ more iconic dinosaurs like the T-Rex and Velociraptor to their park as quickly as possible. Or even just give the park its first carnivore. But it is advised that players hold off on incubating these dinosaur types until they are absolutely certain they can be contained and cared for reliably.

These new dinosaurs tend to not only be expensive but they also tend to be problematic for any park that has not completed certain research upgrades. So it is highly recommended that players save up some extra cash and progress a bit in their park development before really committing to breeding these advanced dinosaur species. At the very least the player needs to prepare for the possibility that this new dinosaur may escape.

Prepare for Dinosaur Escapes in Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution Emergency Shelter

Regardless of how well-built the enclosure is, dinosaur escapes are inevitable. Tropical storms are a normal occurrence on any island, and these storms can damage structures and agitate the park’s various dinosaurs. This will, in turn, heavily increase the possibility of a dinosaur escape. In addition to causing havoc, every person a dinosaur kills will result in the park being fined or sued for loss of life. If left unchecked, a dinosaur attack can ruin a park’s finances.

The most important thing is to build emergency shelters. These shelters act as a safe haven of sorts, and park visitors who take shelter in them will be safe from dinosaur attacks. But these shelters have a limited radius, so it is imperative that the player builds several across the park. It is also advised that the players build additional ranger stations since these buildings are responsible for fixing any damaged enclosures as quickly as possible. It can also help players more easily manage resupplying feeders and curing dinosaurs of diseases.

If the player really wants to minimize visitor casualties, they need to set off the emergency alarms as soon as a storm is called. Then once the storm hits, players need to set their rangers to repair and be prepared to order their ECU center to tranquilize any escaped dinosaur. Once tranquilized, players can then order the ECU center to relocate these dinosaurs to their proper enclosure that will hopefully already be prepared. The key to avoiding financial loss is preparation and caution in this case. Prioritize visitor safety and always ensure they have an emergency shelter nearby.

Need Extra Cash? Take Contracts and Photos in Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution Photograph Details

Let’s say that the park has hit a bit of a snag. Either the park is not making enough money to expand or possibly even losing money as opposed to gaining it. What can the player do to raise some money? Easy. Either take some contracts from one of the division directors or begin taking photos with a ranger team.

Players can request a contract from their division of choice by accessing the control room and selecting the contract option and selecting one of the three choices. While the player can decide which division they want to take a contract from, the details of the contract itself is determined at random. Completion of any of these contracts can easily give the player a lot of money. More than enough to construct a few buildings or help the park recover from a disastrous dinosaur attack. But be warned, these division heads can be ruthless if they believe you are ignoring them. So try to give them equal amounts of attention. If you don’t….well, let’s just say park sabotages are part of the game, and they can really give the player a headache.

Another way to make a few quick bucks is to take photos of the dinosaurs. Take manual control of a ranger team and drive into one of the park’s enclosures, then enter photo mode when the ranger team is within range of a few dinosaurs. Try to catch a photo of as many dinosaurs in a single shot as possible—preferably while they are doing something interesting like eating or sleeping. These actions and dinosaur numbers add additional money to the photo’s value, so it is highly recommended that players attempt to take the best photo with their first shot. Especially since all photos taken after that first shot that still show the same dinosaur species actually takes a value penalty for trying to show the same stuff. Once that ideal photo is taken, move on to a new dinosaur species or enclosure to repeat the process.

Build Shops and Restaurants in Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution Drink View

As much as Jurassic World Evolution is about dinosaurs, it is important for the park owner to remember that there are guests there as well. That means they need to consider consumer satisfaction and convenience if they really want to max out their profits.

Players will quickly realize that they can place restaurants, stores, and other buildings around the park. But the real challenge is knowing where to put these buildings. To get a general idea of what visitors want in a given area, click on the view tab near the bottom left of the screen. From the view tab players can select what subject they want to view. These subjects can range from seeing the power grid to seeing the consumer demand for gift shops.

Players should focus on viewing subjects like drink demand, food demand, bathroom accessibility, etc. Then they should look for any areas that are orange and red since these represent areas where the subject is in high demand. Then it just a simple matter of building the relevant buildings near those areas in order to fulfill the wants of the consumer. In the most ideal situation, all buildings in the park should have a light blue coloration to signify that all consumer needs are being met.

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Jurassic Park Evolution is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

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