How to Beat the Dreadnautilus in Terraria (The Easy Way)

Terraria recently added some new achievements to the game, and if players want to get 100% (again), they will need to face down the Dreadnautilus.

In many ways, Terraria is the gift that keeps on giving. It has received numerous updates during its lifespan, and they have all been free, despite the game coming out in 2011. Recently, version 1.4.1 released, part of Journey’s End, the game’s final update. It adds some new content, quality of life changes, bug fixes, etc. It also added some new achievements. One of the achievements requires players to defeat the Dreadnautilus.

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The Dreadnautilus is a giant scary mollusk as its name suggests. It is a boss that appears under certain conditions and can be a real pain to fight. Luckily, there are steps players can take to make the fight significantly easier, and here is how to do so.

Defeating the Dreadnautilus in Terraria

Terraria Dreadnautilus Boss Fight

The Dreadnautilus only appears during a Blood Moon in Hard Mode. Players can fish it up out of the ocean to begin the fight. There are also other enemies that can be summoned in this manner and the Dreadnautilus unfortunately is the rarest one.

It has a great deal of health, shoots out an absurd number of projectiles, and has a charge attack that can deal a lot of damage. In addition, it disappears at sunrise if the player has not managed to defeat it. All this can make it an incredibly challenging fight.

Luckily, there is a simple method that players can use to make the fight drastically easier, and it requires is a little bit of building. This is Terraria after all, and building is a major part of the game. In this case, not much building is required at all. All players will need to do is build a small box above the ocean. They should have health regen stacked through things like heart lanterns, campfires, and a small pool of honey. Food is useful as well. The player then just needs to damage the Dreadnautilus while remaining in place. Its projectiles and other enemies will be blocked by the box, and while its charge attack can damage the player, they should have enough health regen to stay alive. Sometimes thinking inside the box is the way to go.

To have any hope of dealing damage to the Dreadnautilus, players will need a ranged weapon. They could simply fire through the open space in the box (which they need for fishing), but considering how quickly the Dreadnautilus moves and the limited time players have, it might not be a viable option. Instead, players can try to get something like the Daedalus Stormbow beforehand, which makes arrows rain down from the sky.

Using all these techniques makes the fight much easier. Upon beating the Dreadnautilus, players will get an achievement called “Don’t Dread on Me.” That’s one new achievement down, only fourteen new achievements to go. Of course, there are the earlier ones that players may not have finished, such as Supreme Helper Minion, which requires the players to complete a grand total of 200 quests for the angler. That one might be the most difficult achievement because it doesn’t test player skill, but rather patience.

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Terraria is available now on PC, MacOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS.

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