Fuller House Season 6 Can’t Work (Because It Needs A New Title)

The clamor for Fuller House season 6 continues months after it ended, but if Netflix greenlights another year, the series needs to change its title.

There’s one massive problem if Netflix greenlights Fuller House season 6 – its title. Full House‘s sequel series wrapped up its five-year-run back in May 2020, but it remains a favorite for fans. And as star and executive producer Candace Cameron-Bure has revealed, she’s continually asked about doing another year of Fuller House.

In hindsight, this isn’t surprising. While Fuller House ended on a happy note with DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy marrying Steve, Fernando, and Jimmy respectively, it seemed like the show was only starting to come out of the original series’ shadow and finding its own identity. With the spinoff resolving romantic storylines for the adult cast, particularly DJ and Steve’s stories, the show could finally shift focus to the kids who have been relegated as side characters throughout its five years.

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Given the interest from the public and a good set-up for future stories, it might not be out of the question for Netflix to order Fuller House season 6. If Netflix did change their mind and make sixth season 6, there’s one glaring issue: it needs a new title. Fuller House‘s title is a reference to DJ being the head of the extended household. After DJ married her now-deceased first husband, Tommy Fuller Sr., she adopted his last name making her Donna Jo Tanner-Fuller. Now that she’s married to Steve Hale, she may take his name. It’s uncertain how DJ would do this considering that the show never tackled the matter, but it would be impractical, not to mention ridiculous, for her to use Tanner, Fuller, and Hale all at the same time.

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This highlights one of Fuller House‘s biggest problems – focusing much of the story on DJ but not taking the time to establish the premise, which was all about her and her predicament. In its five seasons, there were barely any references to Tommy Sr.; other than him dying while on duty as a firefighter, not much is known about him and his relationship with DJ and their kids. Instead, they focused on having DJ quickly move on from the tragedy by positioning a few love interests, including Steve. From there, Fuller House heavily leaned on nostalgia by having the high school sweethearts rekindle their love affair without so much hesitation from DJ, considering what happened to her husband, or a discussion on why they broke up in the first place.

Even if DJ somehow decided to use all three of her last names, the title Fuller House may no longer be appropriate since she will no longer be the head of the household. With three sets of families cohabitating the Tanner home, there will be an even split of responsibility and privileges among them. Additionally, depending on how DJ and Steve’s dynamic as a married couple, the husband will more likely assume leadership of their unit instead of her.

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