FromSoftware’s Most Ambitious Game Is Already Playable

A new interview with Xbox boss Phil Spencer reveals Elden Ring is already playable, and he describes the title as FromSoftware’s most ambitious ever.

A few new details have emerged that reveal Elden Ring is playable, while Xbox boss Phil Spencer also believes the game is the most ambitious one FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki has ever made. Any news about Elden Ring is sure to set fans eager to learn more about it into a frenzy at this point, starved as they are for any concrete descriptions of what’s coming in the collaboration between the studio that created Dark Souls and Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin.

What fans do know already points to a game that could be a once-in-a-generation addition to its platforms, which is why hype for the game remains so strong despite practically no updates. Martin has helped work on the story and setting for Elden Ring, which means it’s likely going to be both grim and detailed, and it’s a title coming out of the talented development studio FromSoftware, famous for producing challenging but fair content. A collaboration between one of the most popular fantasy authors around and a studio with a sterling reputation for quality games was always going to be must-see – there just hasn’t been very much to see yet.

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While an interview with Xbox boss Phil Spencer conducted by GameSpot didn’t provide any visuals, it did more than enough to paint a picture of what Elden Ring could be in fans’ minds. Spencer revealed that Elden Ring is playable and that he has gone hands-on with it “quite a bit,” stating that he thinks he’s a bad player but that he has played “all of Miyazaki’s gams over at least the last decade” and that Elden Ring is “the most ambitious game that he’s [Miyazaki’s] done.” Spencer couldn’t go into more detail, but the reveal that Elden Ring is playable is a big one already – fans have been concerned over its development, especially due to the lack of updates showing off actual footage, but now that seems to be deliberate from FromSoftware and not because there’s any major issues.

A screenshot of Elden Ring from developer FromSoftware.

While Spencer is in the business of hyping things up, it’s also exciting to hear him describe Elden Ring as the most ambitious FromSoftware game he’s ever seen. One thing Spencer has earned a reputation for is being pretty transparent with consumers, and Elden Ring also isn’t an exclusive for Xbox, so there’s not really any incentive to oversell here. It’s just Spencer gushing about a creator whose games he enjoys, which makes Elden Ring all the more tantalizing.

Unfortunately, no details emerged over when fans can expect to actually see Elden Ring themselves. Elden Ring is playable and ambitious, but that ambition hasn’t stretched so far as to actually show anything of the game to fans just yet. Hopefully more details emerge soon – the tweet reminding fans that Elden Ring existed feels like it must have been timed for a reason – and until then, they’ll just have to be envious of Spencer for having already played so much of FromSoftware’s next big game.

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Source: GameSpot

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