First Footage Of Kate Winslet Movie For Disney+

Disney+’s Black Beauty movie trailer promises a modern take on a beloved classic, with Kate Winslet providing the voice of the title horse.

Disney+ has unveiled the trailer for its upcoming movie Black Beauty, which features Kate Winslet. The service, which debuted a year ago this month, has already made its mark in the crowded streaming field. Though Disney+ initially became known for its television offerings, including The Mandalorian and upcoming Marvel shows, the coronavirus pandemic necessitated a new focus on movies. As theaters closed around the world, Disney sent the live-action Mulan to streaming, albeit with a high price tag. Additionally, the company debuted Hamilton on Disney+ in July, a bold move that ultimately resulted in increased engagement with the platform. Another high profile film, Pixar’s Soul, will release on Disney+ in December.

However, before that, Black Beauty will debut on November 27. The movie is a modern take on the classic novel by Anna Sewell. The book has been adapted several times since its release in 1877, both for TV and film. The most recent movie came in 1994, with Alan Cumming voicing Black Beauty. The Disney+ film will star  Mackenzie Foy as Jo Green, a teenager who recently lost her parents. She becomes close to the title horse, voiced by Winslet in this version. Disney first announced Black Beauty in July, but until this week, hadn’t shared any footage from the project.

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Today, Disney+ unveiled the official trailer for Black Beauty, as well as the poster. The footage highlights Foy’s character and the impact the new horse will have on her life. Check out the trailer and poster below:

The trailer makes Black Beauty appear inline with other horse movies, hitting many of the familiar beats seen in films like Secretariat and Flicka. However, it’s also clear there’s an audience for such movies, as many have been successful in the past. Though Winslet’s work isn’t heard in the trailer, her contribution gives Black Beauty a little more credibility. Foy also appears fully committed to her role, which can make or break a film like this.

At this point, Disney+ doesn’t have the best track record with movies intended for the streaming service vs. those initially planned for theatrical releases. Disney+’s original movies have mostly faded away without much viewer engagement. However, it’s always possible one will break through, and Black Beauty could be a contender. Its release date should help matters. Typically, families head to the theater on Thanksgiving weekend. Since that isn’t possible in many areas of the country this year, it stands to reason movie fans will turn to streaming instead.

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