Fast & Furious 9 Is Almost Finished Confirms Justin Lin

Fast & Furious 9 director Justin Lin announced the mix on the sequel was finally complete, pushing the film even closer to being ready for release.

F9: The Fast Saga looks like it’s just about nearing completion, according to a new update from director Justin Lin. The ninth core film in the Fast & Furious series was delayed from its intended release date earlier this year due to the covid-19 pandemic and is now slated to debut in May of 2021. At least two more films in the main Fast series are planned after the release of F9.

While The Fate of the Furious and Hobbs & Shaw were not as positively received as other recent entries in the franchise, many fans are hoping F9 will be a return to form. Justin Lin is a big part of that hope. Lin left the series after directing the four-film stretch from Tokyo Drift to Fast and Furious 6 – a period that launched the series to global blockbuster status – but came back after a few years away to take the lead on F9. The upcoming film’s resurrection of Sung Kang’s beloved Han character after his apparent death in Tokyo Drift has also been celebrated by much of the fan base. It remains to be seen if the movie can deliver on all of its potentials.

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Whatever the finished product looks like, it seems it’s almost done. On Tuesday, Lin tweeted a picture of the post-production team members in celebration of the film’s audio mix being completed. “#F9 mix officially finished!” the caption reads, “Huge thank you to the best crew [in] the world for working through such unprecedented times flawlessly.” Film production in 2020 has been challenging, to say the least, so it’s nice to see the Fast & Furious crew able to finalize their work on the new film safely.

Given the escalation in crazy action scenarios throughout the last few Fast & Furious movies, much of the anticipation for F9 revolves around how it might raise the stakes even higher. The Fate of the Furious culminated in a battle between a submarine and a fleet of supercars on a field of ice, and that might not even quite compete with the drone battle that ended Furious 7. It’s always fun to see how the movies try to one-up themselves, and rumors of the crew potentially going to space could make for a fun ride in F9.

Whatever thrills await the Familia in F9, it should at least be an entertaining ride. Han’s return opens up a lot of possibilities if handled correctly, and it will be curious to see how the movie ramps up for the coming two-part finale and beyond. Seeing proof of the film’s near-completion is just more reason to get excited. F9: The Fast Saga is slated for release on May 28, 2021.

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Key Release Dates

  • F9/Fast & Furious 9 (2021)Release date: May 28, 2021

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