An Action-Thriller Made During Quarantine

Director Christian Sesma shares an exclusive debut trailer for his shot-in-quarantine action thriller, Take Back, starring Mickey Rourke.

Screen Rant is excited to share the debut trailer for Christian Sesma’s latest film, Take Back, one of the first films shot in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Director Sesma doesn’t subscribe to the notion that obstacles can stop a dedicated filmmaker from creating their art. One way or another, adversity is just another challenge to be overcome. As a creator of indie thrillers, Sesma has experience with making movies on limited budgets that nonetheless impress audiences with their capacity for punching above their weight class. For his latest film, Take Back, adversity came in the form of the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic.

Many filmmakers feel they have no choice but to shut down and wait for the pandemic to pass. Countless blockbuster films have been halted, and the Hollywood movie machine has effectively been put on pause for the time being. However, Sesma and his team took the initiative, making a low-budget action flick about a woman who will stop at nothing to recover her kidnapped daughter from a human trafficking boss, played by Mickey Rourke.

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It was important for Sesma to make a “real movie,” and not something that was clearly compromised by the Coronavirus pandemic. Sesma’s films, including the recent Paydirt, have all been shot in Sesma’s hometown in the Coachella Valley area, making use of California’s natural bounties to tell various stories about crime, redemption, and kicking butt.

Gillian White Take Back

For Take Back, Sesma and his team followed all safety precautions and made their movie. According to producer Mike Hatton, not a single virus test came back positive during the production, proving that movies can continue to be made in 2020 and beyond, as long as everybody plays by the rules and prioritizes the safety of their cinematic community.

As for the film itself, Take Back has the pedigree to back up its aspirations of being a Taken-style action thriller. Though the film features icons like Mickey Rourke and Michael Jai White (who gets to participate in some high-kicking action sequences), the true star of the piece is Gillian White, who leads the ensemble. Of the casting of White, Hatton says:

“It’s Gillian’s movie, and to have a black female over the age of 40 in the lead role, it shows that we’re trying to not get caught up in the typical Hollywood barriers that the studios set up. They set that glass ceiling. But we’re in the indie world, and we’re gonna make it the way we want to make it. Luckily, we had great support from 101 Films and from Headgear and Shout Factory, who all believed in it.”

Not everybody has $150 million to make their movie, and not everybody has $1.5 million to make their movie, but determined filmmakers find a way to make their movie, no matter what. It can be an uphill battle, and filmmakers must adapt and change based on the circumstances, but a genuine professional artist can roll with the punches, solve problems as they arise, and make their movie. Christian Sesma made his movie during the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic, with about million dollars and no support from any of the major studio conglomerates. Audiences will get to see for themselves how their experiment ultimately shakes out when Take Back releases in 2021.

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