5 Characters Most Likely To Die (& 5 With The Best Chance Of Survival)

With James Gunn’s new The Suicide Squad, which characters are likely to live through the entire film, and which won’t make it?

Taking a brief break from the MCU, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn is stepping over to the DCEU for The Suicide Squad. The movie is confusingly a sequel/reboot of the disappointing 2016 movie, but Gunn promises to bring a new energy to the franchise, along with a hefty body count.

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Gunn has teased that he was given full reign to kill off any characters in this massive cast of strange and obscure villains. With so many characters on the line, we decided to take a look at who has the best chances of survival and who is doomed.

10 Going To Die: Rick Flagg

Suicide Squad Rick Flagg

Rick Flagg is one of several members of the new Suicide Squad who was part of the first movie. Unlike the other criminal members of the team, Flagg is a military man and one of the “good guys”. He also served as the leader of the squad.

It seems like Flagg’s role will largely be the same in the new movie which is why we can expect him to be killed off quite quickly. In order to create more chaos for the team and their mission, it would make sense for them to lose the guy who is meant to keep them in check.

9 Going To Live: Peacemaker

The Suicide Squad Peacemaker

One of the new characters who already has fans talking is Peacemaker. John Cena will play the role and has described the character as a “douchey Captain America“. Peacemaker thinks of himself as a hero who is willing to do anything to save the day, including some very unheroic things.

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While that character description seems to set him up to be a true antagonist, there is the upcoming Peacemaker series on HBO Max to consider. Nothing is confirmed about when the series will take place, but it feels like Warner Bros and James Gunn want this character to stick around.

8 Going To Die: Blackguard

Suicide Squad Roll Call Pete Davidson Blackguard

Breakout Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson will continue to build his impressive movie career with his role as Blackguard. Though quite obscure in terms of DC villains, Blackguard is a Booster Gold foe.

Given that Davidson was a late addition to the cast and his star is on the rise, it’s safe to assume his role will be a supporting one or even a glorified cameo. He could be a big name to get killed off early to raise the stakes.

7 Going To Live: King Shark

Suicide Squad Roll Call King Shark

King Shark is a villain fans had been wanting to see for quite some time. The idea of a meta-human giant shark running around with the squad, chomping on bad guys is pretty fun to think about.

We now know that actor Steve Agee will be playing the role of King Shark using motion-capture. Given Agee’s previous roles, it’s pretty safe to assume King Shark will be intimidating in size but lovable on the inside. It’s hard to imagine a character with so much potential getting killed off, especially since Agee is apparently joining the Peacemaker series.

6 Going To Die: Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad

Yet another member of the original Suicide Squad who will be joining this adventure is Captain Boomerang, once again played by Jai Courtney. The Aussie thug with a skill for boomerangs wasn’t really a fan-favorite but he will get a second chance to shine in this movie.

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While James Gunn has clearly gone out of his way to bring in some of the established characters from the first movie, it’s likely he’ll be more focused on his new characters. Captain Boomerang feels like a character who can have a shocking death and not be missed too much.

5 Going To Live: Savant

Michael Rooker Savant Suicide Squad

Ever since his movie Slither, James Gunn has always cast Michael Rooker in his movies. That tradition continues with his role as Savant, the villainous computer hacker, in The Suicide Squad. And their friendly relationship bodes well for Savant surviving.

Gunn has stated that the decision to kill off Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was especially hard as it meant Rooker wouldn’t be a part of the third movie. It doesn’t seem like he would be willing to lose Rooker in another potential franchise.

4 Going To Die: The Thinker

Suicide Squad Roll Call Peter Capaldi The Thinker

Former Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi has also joined the movie as The Thinker, a highly-intelligent supervillain who has mind control and telekinetic abilities.

There is not a lot not more we know about the character, but if there was one villain who is most likely to turn on the others, The Thinker would be a good bet. That likely means he will face off against the more heroic villains and probably die as a result.

3 Going To Live: Bloodsport

Idris Elba as Bloodsport and Daniela Melchior as Ratcatcher 2 The Suicide Squad

Idris Elba was initially cast to replace Will Smith as Deadshot who appeared in the first movie. However, in order to give Smith the opportunity to return later, a new character was created for Elba. Bloodsport is an assassin who is rumored to have been imprisoned for attempting to kill Superman.

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Apart from Margot Robbie, Elba is the biggest star in the movie, and given that it was originally going to be Will Smith in the role, Bloodsport seems fairly safe.

2 Going To Die: Polka-Dot Man

Polka-Dot Man Suicide Squad

In a movie filled with outrageous characters, Polka-Dot Man is maybe the most laughable. He is a supervillain who gets his powers from his polka-dotted suit and can pull the dots off to be used in various ways.

It is rumored that the character will be self-conscious about his ridiculous powers which suggest an interesting arc for the character. We could easily see Polka-Dot Man gain confidence throughout the movie and finally make the sacrifice to save the day.

1 Going To Live: Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

There are some really exciting and interesting characters included in this new movie, but none of them carries the same weight as Harley Quinn. She is a fan-favorite character from the comics who has been given a new level of popularity thanks to Margot Robbie’s performance in the DCEU.

Gunn has said that he was given free rein to kill any character he wanted but it seems like Harley will be front-and-center once again and she is too interesting a character to kill off even if he was allowed.

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