10 Ways The Seasons Are All Connected

American Horror Story deserves a lot of credit for the ways in which it has managed to keep finding new ways to terrify and titillate audiences, and a lot of this is due to the cast (many of whom have extensive acting resumes). That’s no small accomplishment, given how long the series has been on the air.

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At first, it seemed as if each season was its own thing, unconnected to all the others. Slowly but surely, however, that’s changed, and there’s now substantial evidence that all of the various seasons are connected in one way or another, often because the same characters appear in several different seasons. It’s quite a fascinating narrative puzzle to discern the intricate ways in which they’re connected to one another.

10 Michael Langdon

One of the key ways in which all of the seasons are connected is Michael Langdon, the child produced in the first season (which, it’s worth pointing out, didn’t always make a lot of sense).

As viewers know, he later goes on to become none other than the Antichrist. As a result, one can see how both of those seasons are connected and, through them, it radiates outward, bringing most of them under that temporal umbrella. In fact, during Apocalypse the viewer gets to see several characters from Murder House and Coven appear.

9 The Witches Visit Murder House In Their Attempt To Defeat Michael

As already mentioned, Apocalypse is where things really begin to come together in a meaningful fashion. After Michael brings about the apocalypse, several of the witches from the third season join together in an effort to defeat him.

In doing so, they are inevitably drawn to the house of the first season and, in a moment of time travel, they actually end up hitting Michael with a car, thus preventing the terrible future that he brought to pass.

8 Pepper Appears In Two Seasons So Far

Pepper and Ma Petite in Freak Show

Pepper is one of the more tragic figures to appear in the series. The viewer first meets her in Asylum, where she is one of the inmates at Briarcliff. However, she plays an even larger part in Freak Show, where she is one of the titular freaks that make up Elsa’s traveling show.

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In fact, in that season the viewer actually comes to learn how it is that she was sent to Briarcliff in the first place (and it is not a happy story). Through her, this means that several other connections click into place.

7 The Psychic Appears In Both Murder House And Hotel

Sarah Paulson

One of the most notable recurring characters to appear in this series is the psychic Billie Dean Howard (played, with her usual grace and power, by the divine Sarah Paulson).

She is in both Murder House and Hotel, so one gets the sense that these two seasons are taking place in the same fundamental universe. As a result, all of the other seasons that are connected to them individually must, of necessity, also be connected (even if not explicitly) to one another.

6 In 1984, Margaret’s Business Includes Taking People To Briarcliff

Margaret of 1984 is a truly unpleasant character, even for a show like American Horror Story. She’s the type of person who perpetuates harm basically because she feels like it, and there’s very little that anyone can do to stop her.

One of the things that she does, as it turns out, is take people to places where famous murders have taken place, and one of those locales is none other than Briarcliff, thus bringing together several seasons in yet another relationship.

5 The Hotel Cortez

American Horror Story Hotel Cortez

Anyone who has seen Hotel knows that the Hotel Cortez is the type of place that people check in to but rarely out of. It also happens to be a bit of a linchpin for several of the other seasons, since Queenie gets trapped there after an unfortunate encounter with the hotel’s proprietor.

As a result, this forges a connection between Hotel, Apocalypse, Murder House, and Coven (since the other three were already connected), as well as their connections with the others.

4 Doris Kearns Goodwin Connects Roanoke And Freak Show

Roanoke was a bit of a departure for this series, in part because it had one narrative nested inside of another one (it also didn’t have a regular title sequence).

In one notable segment, it actually includes an interview with the noted historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, who notes that the house at the center of the show was built by a man with the last name of Mott, whose descendant would be Dandy of Freak Show, thus establishing yet another series of connections.

3 Twisty Is A Character In Cult


Twisty is, without a doubt, a truly horrifying and frightening character. Appearing in Freak Show, he’s a demented and murderous clown whose face was damaged due to a failed suicide attempt. As it turns out, he also appears as a comic book character in the later season Cult.

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This forges a connection with this season, as well as with the others that are connected to the two of them in other ways.

2 Lana Winters’ Show Appears In Several Seasons

Lana Winters, played by Sarah Paulson, is one of those characters who really does have to endure more than her fair share of horrors. Imprisoned within the asylum and tormented by various other mishaps, she nevertheless manages to become a successful journalist with her own wildly popular television series.

As it turns out, this television show appears in several subsequent seasons, thus establishing that they all exist within the same temporal continuity. Even more interestingly, the character is actually based on a real person.

1 Scáthach Was The First Supreme

Lada Gaga as Scáthach in American Horror Story

Though Lady Gaga played a prominent role as the vampiric Countess in Hotel, she had a significantly reduced role in the season Roanoke, in which she appeared as the character Scathach, a witch that proved pivotal to the eventual downfall of the colonists of Roanoke.

She is, to be sure, a fascinating character, in large part because there’s so much about her that remains unclear, even by the end of the season. More importantly, it also establishes another connection, since she is the progenitor of the witches that appear in Coven. This, combined with the connection to Freak Show, makes Roanoke another linchpin season of the series.

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