10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Woodbury House

There are some places in the American landscape that just seem to loom large in the public imagination. Sometimes, this is because something significant happened there, and at others it’s because, for one reason or another, they’ve managed to appear in numerous films and television series.

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The Woodbury House in California is just one of those locations, and it has appeared in several high-profile television series, including none other than American Horror Story. It turns out that this house is actually quite interesting in its own right, with a fascinating history and a gorgeous look that helps to explain its popularity.

10 Appeared In True Blood

woodbury house true blood

American Horror Story wasn’t the house’s first foray into the realm of the supernatural. In fact, it also put in an appearance in the hit HBO series True Blood, which focused on a human woman’s interaction with the vampire world.

In this case, it doubled as a frat house whose unfortunate residents are devoured by a couple of vampires looking for a good time. Somehow, the location seems fitting, as it captures a certain element of the grotesque and the beautiful all at once. 

9 Appeared In Amityville: The Evil Escapes

Amityville 4

The events that occurred in the city of Amityville have spawned a cottage industry of books, films, and television series. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that most people have at least heard of the word Amityville, even if they don’t necessarily know anything about the actual events.

As it happens, the Woodbury also has a connection to this event, since it stands in for the house in Amityville: The Horror Escapes. Clearly, there’s something more than a little supernatural about this location. 

8 Featured In An Episode Of Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures Live Promo Header

It’s probably not surprising that, given the house’s long association with the supernatural–at least in the popular culture imagination–that it would also become the setting for one of the numerous ghost-hunting series that continue to appear on various television networks.

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In this case, it appears in the show Ghost Adventures which, as its title implies, is all about discovering the ghostly remnants that haunt particular locations. It’s hard to escape the feeling that there’s more to this house in California than might immediately meet the eye.

7 Associated With One Of The Founders Of Altadena

Woodbury House Altadena Mcnallly House

Some would no doubt wonder how the house came by its name, and the answer is really quite simple. It is, in fact, named after one of the founders of the town of Altadena, John Woodbury (whose brother was also influential in the town).

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Thus, in addition to its status as a site of supernatural goings-on, it also has quite a lot of history associated with it, which no doubt explains in part why it continues to be such a popular spot for visitors.

6 Once Home To Extensive Vineyards And Citrus Groves

woodbury house citrus grove

There are many things that California is known for, but certainly vineyards and citrus groves are right at the top of the list. Thus, it should come as no surprise to most that the Woodbury House was also home to these.

 Once sitting on hundreds of acres, over time the property once belonging to the sprawling estate has shrunken to a much more modern size. It’s changed the nature of what can be filmed there, although like many things it’s still proven to be a popular location. 

5 Has Been The Home Of Several Businesses

At this point in its history, the Woodbury House is probably best known as a set for films and television series, but it’s important to recognize that in the many years of its existence it has actually filled a number of functions and been host to a wide variety of businesses, some of which probably seem a little strange now.

Among other things, it has apparently been an office building and a tea house. The latter seems quite appropriate in its own way, but the former is rather hard to imagine.

4 It Is A Truly Huge House

Woobury house american horror story cult

Anyone who has seen the Woodbury House can attest that it is quite a breathtaking piece of architecture, not just because of the history associated with it (and the supernatural events- which it shares with the house used in Murder House), but also just because of its appearance.

It’s a truly huge house and, just as importantly, it also has numerous rooms. In other words, it’s exactly the kind of house that one would assume to be haunted by the spirits of those who have yet to pass on into the next world. 

3 It Stood In For The Winchester Mansion

Winchester Mystery House

In fact, the house is so large that it was deemed at one point to be a good stand-in for the infamous Winchester Mansion. History buffs will know that this was the house constructed by the widow Winchester who, tormented by the guilt of the deaths caused by the gun that her husband had perfected, decided to keep adding new parts to her home until it was a byzantine maze.

It says something that the Woodbury House was deemed suitable as a stand-in in one of the many movies about it.

2 Continues To Be A Popular Site For Photo Shoots

It’s probably not at all surprising that the Woodbury House continues to be a very popular site for photoshoots of various types.

In fact, given how popular it has become in the cultural imagination, it’s probably pretty safe to say that numerous types of people and organizations will continue to use it, making sure that people will continue to associate it with the paranormal and the supernatural. 

1 Can Be Rented By Individuals

for rent sign

For those who want to make the Woodbury House a part of their lives, it turns out that it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

It makes sense that those who are currently in charge of the home would want to make sure that they have the money to keep it up in the condition that it currently is in, and so it is actually possible for individuals to rent it out for their own events and photoshoots- or with a little work on their end, dress up and have their own American Horror Story themed shoot. 

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