10 Most Evil Characters In Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is filled with gangsters, murderers, and manipulators, yet fans love them all the same. But who’s really the worst of the bunch? What makes Peaky Blinders so interesting is how evil every character really is. Fans end up adoring most antagonists as well as often allowing their rather questionable actions to continue, all because they are written so well that it’s impossible to not love Alfie Solomons or Arthur Shelby!

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Most of the characters in this wonderful show are gangsters or ruthless murderers or politicians, set out to make Thomas Shelby fail in his equally illegal escapades. However, when people like Luca Changretta threaten the lives of the Shelby family, it isn’t just Thomas who takes action, the entire family set out to eliminate the threat in the worst way possible. Yet interestingly, viewers take the side of the Shelbys every time, and they forever will.

10 Alfie Solomons

Alfie solomons split image

Alfie Solomons is easily one of the most beloved characters played by the brilliant Tom Hardy. Although he isn’t as kind as people want him to be, despite not doing anything as bad as some of the other characters.

Nevertheless, he still takes every opportunity he can to gain power, no matter who he sides with. Solomons is happy to manipulate and side with whoever will get him what he wants, even if that means getting Tommy killed. It should be noted that Alfie Solomons is nowhere near as evil as some of the other characters but he is still a bad guy at his core.

9 Michael Gray

Michael gray split image, standing in classic trench coat

Michael began as a rather innocent and kind child, who, when brought into the Shelby household, quickly turned to murder and a newfound criminal lifestyle with happiness and little persuasion. His first kill is somewhat understandable since it includes Michael’s past with Father John Hughes and highlights it as being pedophilic and abusive.

However, he goes on to happily fight, kill, and manipulate to get what he wants, especially in season 5 where he becomes an antagonist after he pushes to become the leader of the Peaky Blinders. Many fans dislike Michael and would certainly see him as evil, despite not being as bad as other characters.

8 Linda Shelby

Linda Shelby, start of the show on the right, end of the show on the left

Perhaps one of the most telling reasons why Linda is evil is the way she treated Arthur. She manipulated her husband and even tried to kill him after Arthur chose Tommy over her. Throughout the show and mostly through season 5, Linda pushed Arthur to change his ways and do what she wanted, but no one tells a Shelby what to do.

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Ultimately, Linda is hated by most fans, and rightly so, she spends most of her time on screen manipulating Arthur or being rude to Tommy, so her trying to kill Arthur was really the nail in the coffin regarding how evil she is.

7 Oswald Mosley

Oswald Mosley split image

As the antagonist of season 5, Oswald Mosley is played by the wonderful Sam Claflin. Based on a real-life politician, Mosley is depicted as evil through his fascist politics and disrespectful talk to Tommy and Lizzie. He’s never seen killing or robbing anyone or anything so crime wise there really isn’t much to go on, but people still hate his character and wish Tommy had been successful in his assassination attempt.

Most speculate that he’ll be back in season 6 to cause more trouble and may play a more political role again, focusing on the dawn of fascism and the beginnings of Adolf Hitler.

6 Darby Sabini

Darby Sabini split image, he is doing the same smirk in both images

This is where violent acts become more common and more horrific, especially with the antagonist of season 2 Darby Sabini. The first time viewers really see him is when Sabini and his men slice the inside of Tommy’s cheek and brutally beat him for attacking his Eden Club.

Sabini seems to have a serious vendetta against the Shelby family and is happy to kill innocent people just to get to Tommy himself, although he very nearly does on more than one occasion. He is the first real threat fans see in the show and it certainly feels like a danger to the lives of the beloved Shelbys.

5 Father John Hughes

Father John Hughes split image, him walking on the left and a headshot on the right

It is extremely easy to label Father John Hughes as evil, especially when viewers learn his past with Michael, although luckily he gets his revenge on the priest’s pedophilia and abusive history.

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Father John Hughes plays the antagonist of season 3 and played a particularly evil man who forces Tommy to do his bidding and uses blackmail and often other people to beat up and control the Shelby’s. Not for long though when Michael eventually kills him.

4 Luca Changretta

Luca Changretta split image, in a duel on the right, hat off in the left

One of the only antagonists in the show that actually managed to kill a Shelby, and for it to be John of all people too! Let’s just say, fans were not happy at all. Luca Changretta posed the biggest threat to the livelihoods of the Shelbys. He managed to manipulate Polly, attempt to kill Arthur twice, plot to kill Tommy, and eventually murder John, all in one season.

It should be noted that the Peaky Blinders did kill his father and brother but what Luca Changretta did make everyone watching despise him for his evil deeds.

3 John Shelby

John Shelby Split image, walking with a gun on the left, celebrating after burning down the pub on the right

While John Shelby didn’t exactly live as long as fans would have liked, after being shot down by Luca Changrettas crew in season 4, he still presented the perfect level of evil that everyone loves to see in the Shelby family.

John happily blows up trains that kill innocent people, destroys pubs, tears apart clubs, and blows up the house of Field Marshal Henry Russell. All these deeds make him seem erratic, dangerous, and violent with little to no remorse, making him a pretty evil Shelby.

2 Arthur Shelby

Arthur Shelby split image, sitting facing the camera on the left, arms out waking down the street on the right

Now from the beginning of this wonderful show, the three Shelby brothers are displayed as being coldhearted, ruthless, and extremely violent. Although, John and Thomas are nowhere near as deadly as the eldest, Arthur Shelby.

Fans witness Arthur doing a whole manner of horrible things. In season 2 he beats a young man to death in a boxing ring, burns down a pup with John, kills Billy Kitchen, and goes on rampages of anger, beating up anyone he sees. He never seems to have any remorse and is certainly a man you don’t want to cross.

1 Thomas Shelby

Calling Thomas Shelby evil may be a controversial topic but when it’s analyzed it just makes sense. He is the leader of a gang who is known for using razor blades in their hats to blind and disfigures people. Fans know he wasn’t exactly the model soldier, killing other men and stealing horses but when he came back this violence and criminal mindset just seemed to increase.

Thomas makes many many enemies with his unpleasant escapades and has no trouble killing or harming anyone in his way, even being open to assassinations just because someone pays him like he doesn’t have enough money already. Ultimately, Thomas Shelby is by no means good, and easily the evilest character in the show.

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