Microsoft & The Rock Giving Xbox Series X Consoles To Children’s Hospitals

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson has teamed up with Microsoft to donate special “Rock” Xbox Series X consoles to children’s hospitals across the US.

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson is partnering with Microsoft to distribute Xbox Series X consoles to children’s hospitals across the US. The Rock has had a very illustrious career as a pro wrestler, and, more recently, as a prominent actor who’s starred in some prominent films such as Moana and Hobbs & Shaw.

The Series X launches worldwide tomorrow, and fans are already waiting to get their hands on it. Supplies of the new console have never been high; preorders sold out almost immediately, and Xbox head Phil Spencer doesn’t expect supply to catch up with demand for months after release, meaning a lot of fans will probably have to wait before they can pick up the new hardware. With the launch date close enough to taste, fans are scrambling to pick up a copy, and retailers are scrambling to provide one. GameStop has said that it will even have units in-store on launch day, in admittedly limited supply.

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While gaming fans scramble to prepare for launch day, Dwayne Johnson and Microsoft have set aside some consoles for a very special reason. As announced on the legendary entertainer’s Instagram page, the Rock is providing special edition “Rock” consoles to 20 children’s hospitals across the US. With the help of charity organization Gamers Outreach, these consoles will be integrated into special portable “GO” karts that will make it easier for over 50,000 hospitalized children to enjoy the next generation of video game technology. The special “Rock” consoles feature a positive message from Johnson himself, as well as his signature.

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This is a sweet gesture from the Rock, and it’s evident that it isn’t just a publicity stunt. He mentions in his Instagram post that “stuff like this will always be the best part of my fame.” This will surely be a boon for the kids; a lot of fans would probably pay a lot of money for a next-gen console signed by the Rock himself. The Series X is establishing a trend of hyper-exclusive consoles, including a literal one-of-a-kind system designed to resemble Claptrap the robot from Borderlands. None of these other alternate designs are quite as wholesome as the Rock’s Series X machines, though.

The Xbox Series X is hard to come by all over the world, and a successful preorder is the result of luck as much as it’s the result of anything else. That being said, one could hardly complain about these consoles not going to market with the rest. The Rock’s special Series X machines are going to a very good cause, and they’re sure to be enjoyed by a lot of kids.

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