Gina’s ‘Sloppy Chihuahua’ Comment About Braunwyn Was Unnecessary

The RHOC are back and already playing the name-calling game. This time, Braunwyn and Gina almost get physical with a catfight of epic proportions!

In totally unsurprising news, The Real Housewives of Orange County are back at it again with another catfight. This time, Gina and Braunwyn provided the climactic ending to a recent episode, as they duked it out amidst an already fire-fueled feud. Just how did they get to this point?

It comes as no surprise that these two are not on the best of terms. With Braunwyn going through her own tough time while attempting to get sober, things are a little crazy in her private life. She’s working on herself, but also wants to be present for her kids and husband Sean. While she could devote more time to relationships with her housewife co-stars, it seemingly has gotten her nowhere, especially with Gina. This led to Braunwyn giving more than her two cents behind Gina’s back. Meanwhile, Gina is settling into her new digs, which her “friends” have referred to as “sad and depressing” behind her back. She’s also wondering why Braunwyn hasn’t reached out to discuss their most recent feud.

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As the women met up at Shannon’s house for a little shindig, the spectacle began. Braunwyn was already nervous being around this boozy bunch, and really didn’t want to discuss her personal matters at the moment. Hoping to fool them all, she sipped non-alcoholic beverages. First, Braunwyn and party host Shannon got into it over the comments thrown around at Gina’s new townhouse, which Shannon of course denied and pinned on Braunwyn. This is what set Gina off and put her on a path of destruction towards Braunwyn. The two never met up to discuss their latest debacle, due to Braunwyn getting a facial, or so she said.

RHOC Sloppy Chihuahua

After Gina and the gang made their comments on Braunwyn’s absence and her alleged comments about Gina’s new townhome, Braunwyn simply stated she’s not insulting Gina’s money, but her faulty character. At that point, the gloves came off, and Gina went after Braunwyn, calling her a “sloppy chihuahua” in reference to her drinking habits. Then, the truth came out, as Braunwyn explained she is 30 days sober! Braunwyn, of course, fled from the situation, no doubt with husband Sean in tow, ending the episode and her argument with Gina.

What a drama overloaded moment! Of course, is there anything the Real Housewives of Orange County do without having dramatic arguments? Probably not. It will be interesting to see where their relationship goes next. Viewers will just have to stay tuned to see if Miss “Sad and Depressing Townhouse” and Miss “Sloppy Chihuahua” ever get along.

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