Destiny 2 Players Overwhelmed Its Servers For Beyond Light Launch Event

Destiny 2: Beyond Light launches November 10, and players overwhelmed the game’s servers to witness a stylish send-off to the current season tonight.

Guardians flooded Destiny 2’s servers tonight as the community prepares for Beyond Light with a pre-expansion event. The Beyond Light expansion has received a lot of attention since the revelation that it would be adding the new Stasis subclass to the game. Bungie has gradually released teasers leading up to the expansion’s release, such as the return of the mysterious Exo Stranger, trying to give fans plenty of reasons to jump back into Destiny 2 once Beyond Light launches.

Beyond Light will also be added to Xbox Game Pass upon release, giving subscribers even more brand new content at no additional cost, at least as long as it remains on the subscription service. As with each of Destiny 2’s major expansions, Beyond Light will introduce a new raid, the world first race for which begins on November 21. Guardians ready to get their hands on the latest weapons and armor will have another reason to begin their grind anew tomorrow.

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Screen Rant publisher Ben Kendrick shared a video showing the end of the in-game event, revealing the Darkness attacking the Traveler just before the screen goes dark. As a result of the Darkness attacking, Destiny 2 is no longer playable until the expansion launches. Moreover, Forbes writer Paul Tassi shared a screenshot showing what happens when players try to log on during the intermission before Beyond Light, which results in the message, “The Light cannot save you. Seek us out on Europa.”

As the finale was ongoing, Twitter user BenjiSales posted an image revealing Destiny 2’s servers being overwhelmed as players attempt to log in and witness a pre-Beyond Light event, revealing a queue of more than 13,000 players with an additional 155,000 Guardians trying to play simultaneously on PC. BenjiSales also discovered that all three versions of Beyond Light – Digital Deluxe edition, Beyond Light plus the Season Pass, and the standard edition – are the top three bestselling games on Steam worldwide currently.

Destiny 2 has had its fair share of ups and downs. Despite the sequel’s inclusion of a campaign, the community still felt it didn’t live up to the hype. However, after Bungie parted ways with Activision, the developer has dedicated itself to giving fans the varied content they coveted. While most veteran players who have stuck with the game since its debut in 2017 may find each expansion underwhelming, new Guardians generally have a lot to do when they log in and reach the post-game. If the servers being overwhelmed the night before launch is any indication, however, it seems Bungie is doing good work.

Arguably the most exciting aspect of Beyond Light is the addition of the new Stasis subclass. As the name suggests, players will be able to freeze their enemies and capitalize on their paralysis. However, it will be curious to see how this affects Destiny 2‘s Crucible PvP mode and what kind of balancing issues will ensue. This is also true of the new exotic weapons and armor being added. Hopefully, the new subclass will not need too much tweaking after gamers criticize it for being overpowered or underpowered – a nearly inevitable occurrence.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available on PC, PS4, Stadia, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One on November 10; and on PS5 on November 12.

Source: Ben KendrickBenjiSales, Paul Tassi

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