Vision Fell in Love With Ant-Man’s Daughter (in Marvel Comics)

Vision and the Scarlet Witch are a major item in the MCU… but in the comic books, Ant-Man’s daughter Cassie fell for the android.

MCU fans know that Wanda Maximoff and the android Avenger The Vision are a couple (and will be getting back together in the upcoming WandaVision series on Disney+). In the comics, however, Vision has had a very strange history that’s resulted in different versions of him having romantic relations with other characters, including Ant-Man’s daughter Cassie Lang! Like any good Marvel romance, there was more to this love story than the immediate weirdness of pairing a teenage girl with an android – one that proved surprisingly tragic.

In Marvel’s Young Avengers comic run, Cassie found herself joining a team of young heroes who were all based in some way on the early Avengers. These included Iron Lad, a teenage boy from the future who turned out to be a younger version of Kang the Conqueror; Hulkling, a shape-changing alien; and Kate Bishop, a gifted young archer who becomes the new Hawkeye. Cassie herself stole some Pym Particles and became the size-changing Stature.

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At the time, Cassie’s father – Scott Lang/Ant-Man – had been killed (temporarily), and Cassie was feeling alienated and alone. Being a costumed hero in the Young Avengers helped her form strong new relationships and she became especially close friends with Kate and Iron Lad (aka Nathaniel Richards) who develops romantic feelings for Cassie. Cassie reciprocates, even after it’s revealed that Iron Lad is destined to become a future villain and is desperately trying to avoid his fate.

Eventually, Iron Lad learns he needs to return to the future and become Kang in order to avoid history from getting much worse. Knowing he’ll lose his memories of his time in the past, he leaves his brain patterns in his suit of armor – which also contains aspects of the original Vision’s operating system. Once Iron Lad leaves, the armor becomes sentient and reconfigures itself into becoming a new Vision android. Notably, this is very similar to how the original Vision was an amalgamated being made of the original Human Torch android and Wonder Man’s brain patterns.

This Vision later approaches Cassie and admits his attraction to her, sparked by Iron Lad’s brain patterns. While it takes a while for Cassie to sort out her feelings, she eventually responds and they begin their own version of the Scarlet Witch/Vision relationship from the early days of the Avengers. The two actually get along very well together (Vision even downloads many of Cassie’s favorite music tracks into his personal files just because he knows she likes them). He eventually develops a unique identity and picks the name “Jonas” for himself.

Oddly enough, Cassie later meets the Scarlet Witch and develops an immediate distrust for her (that Scarlet Witch turns out to be Loki in disguise). She later convinces her team to find the real Scarlet Witch and try to use her reality warping powers to bring back her father. In the attempt, a time traveling Iron Lad rejoins the team, which creates plenty of friction between him and the new Vision, as Vision and Iron Lad are basically two halves of the same person vying for Cassie’s affections.

Things get really bad when Iron Lad takes Cassie and the Young Avengers back in time and help them save Scott Lang. Shortly after returning, however, Cassie is killed in an attack by Doctor Doom and a distraught Iron Lad tries to take her into the future to be saved. When Vision objects, Iron Lad savagely tears him apart and leaves, showing signs of becoming his future evil self. The Young Avengers consider rebuilding Vision, but decide to let both Cassie and Vision rest, hoping they’re together in an afterlife somewhere.

Of course, Cassie would later return (resurrected, ironically, by a reformed Doctor Doom) and resume her heroic activities. The original Vision would also return, but Cassie’s Vision sadly was lost to obscurity (although his hard drives are presumably still in existence somewhere). While one of Marvel’s weirder romances, Vision and Cassie’s relationship was both fun and based on mutual acceptance and support, so perhaps it’s not too late for Vision to return to Cassie?

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