It’s Surprising World Beyond’s Twist Doesn’t Happen More In Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 1, episode 6, “Shadow Puppets” showed the next step in people using zombies to disguise themselves.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond episode 6, “Shadow Puppets”, includes a small twist in which one character appeared dead but was actually alive, and it’s surprising something like that doesn’t happen often in the franchise. Over the years, many characters in this world – in both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead – have discovered that covering themselves with zombie blood and guts will disguise them from walkers. It’s a sound strategy that has saved numerous characters on more than one occasion.

While the characters of World Beyond haven’t done that just yet, they have encountered someone who did something similar, albeit with a different goal in mind. The mysterious person from The Walking Dead: World Beyond episode 5’s ending turned out to be a character named Percy (Ted Sutherland), who claimed to have had his truck and belongings stolen by two people. At Iris’ behest, the group agreed to help Percy get his truck back only if he would then drive them to their destination. But when they found the truck, the driver appeared to be dead, except he wasn’t.

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That character, Tony (Scott Adsit), is Percy’s uncle, and they concocted the plan to lure the group to the decrepit building in the city in order to steal Iris and her group’s supplies. Since Tony was once a famed illusionist in Las Vegas, he was familiar with advanced make-up techniques, and he made it look like he was killed by someone else. While it’s such a simple idea to trick people, it doesn’t happen often – or ever, really – in the Walking Dead universe.

Percy in Walking Dead World Beyond

People play tricks on other survivors all the time to steal and potentially kill, but disguising themselves from the living by pretending to be dead is rare. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the main characters in the main Walking Dead series recently had a war with the Whisperers, a group of people who wear the skins of zombies to join the dead. Their approach is similar to Tony’s, but it’s more in line with what other survivors have done in the past, except they took things to new levels.

For Tony, pretending to be dead could’ve turned south real quick. After all, dead people, regardless if they’ve been bit by a walker or not, will turn into a zombie. So survivors tend to preemptively drive a knife into dead people’s brains to prevent them from turning. Luckily for Tony, the group was in a rush to get the truck going that they forgot all about it – plus, they forgot to check Tony’s pulse to see if he was dead or just unconscious. It just goes to show that they aren’t truly prepared for what lies ahead, at least not yet.

Funnily enough, World Beyond‘s scene has some semblance to Bill Murray’s zombie makeup in the movie Zombieland. In that film, Murray, who appears as himself, uses various make-up techniques in order to disguise himself from the zombies so that he can freely roam around Los Angeles. While it ultimately results in his death, Tony doesn’t meet the same fate in World Beyond.

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