How to Unequip Items in Visage

Players will need to equip and unequip items frequently as they explore the house in Visage. Some items can’t be stored and will need to be dropped.

In the new indie horror survival game Visage, players will need to pick up and use all kinds of random items to stay alive and piece together the history of the house, from two-handed weapons like crowbars and sledgehammers to lighters and sanity pills. Players take on the role of Dwayne as he investigates a house where terrible things have taken place and experiences visions of those who lived and died there. Some of the smaller items Dwayne comes across can be stored for later use, but the larger items he will pick up have no way to be stored and will need to be unequipped and dropped to make space for other items. Players will need to figure out how to free Dwayne’s hands to perform various actions that will allow them to solve puzzles and advance the story, meaning they may need to drop an essential weapon.

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Despite the button prompts that appear onscreen, the controls for Visage may not be immediately clear or intuitive for players, and taking too much time in inventory or trying to pick up an item can give one of the ghosts enough time to find and kill Dwayne, leading to a game over. Items that players need to drop rather than store will often end up sent back to the storage room, leading players to need to make another trip through the house to retrieve them. Here’s how to unequip and store items in Visage, and how to retrieve them from storage later.

How to Unequip Items in Visage

Dolores attacks the player in Visage chapter 2

Items in Visage are separated into two categories in a player’s inventory. The top slots are for Dynamic items. These are items on which Dwayne’s survival depends that the player will likely need to quickly access. The bottom slots are for Key Items, which are often used once or twice and no longer needed after that. Players can still equip these items and unequip them as needed.

There are a few ways players can unequip items in the game. The easiest will be to drop the item onto the floor. Players on PC will have the option to either hold down E on their keyboard, or left or right click depending on which hand is holding the item, to drop it. Players on console will need to use the B button or the right or left trigger depending on which hand holds the object.

Small Dynamic items, like lighters, sanity pills, and puzzle-specific Key items like the hand crank and the various level collectibles, can be stored in inventory at any time. To store an item Dwayne is holding, players need to left- or right-click with Inventory open, or use the left or right trigger buttons. To retrieve them, players just need to open their inventory and click on what they need.

Often, especially with large items that require two hands, players will need to drop the item on the ground because they have nowhere to store them. Items that are not essential to a player’s progress will be left behind. Dynamic items that are essential to other parts of the chapter will be moved and respawn in the storage room so players can run and grab them as needed.

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Visage is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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